Hi Everyone!
Trying to set myself straight here...
I have regular 28 day cycles - clockwork infact.
LMP Dec 26
Had intercourse on day 12 of my cycle
(according to conception charts avail. on line was fertile days 13-17)
Didnt have intercourse again till Day 19 - Well past fertile window
(I folowed these type of fertile dates in all previous pregancies...)
Day 21 (8dpo) - SPOTTING PM Day 22 (9dpo) - Spotting AM
I have never spotted before - Implantantion bleed perhaps?
If so, it cant possibly be from intercourse on Day 19 - Implantation cant happen within 3 days.
So, I must have conceived at the very beginning of my fertile window, with the help of some patient & determined sperm!
Everyone of my last pregnancies I have suspected implantation at 8dpo & have been able to get BFP's within 24 hours of this...
I dont think I can even suspect the day 19 intercourse for the day of conception because of the bleed 72 hours later...
Guess I should dare to test soon?
Thoughts please!!!
Love, angelsma