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    DS wakes up most nights but does sleep through a couple of times a week if it's a good week - he will be one on Monday. I am totally stoked with this!

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    DD started sleeping 11 hours straight (no dream feed) from 9 weeks. Not sure if it's because she was bottlefed so didn't wake for booby?

    Things that I know helped were a regular bath time and bottle time, a Wrap Me Up sleeping swaddle and this book! It helped us so much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lulu56 View Post
    I'm jealous reading this thread.. happy for you lucky ladies but jealous still.

    DD 3.5months still wakes 2-3 times after 11pm. Sleeps on either me or DP from 8am to 12.30am - cries if she's put in her cot before then... no amount of settling her in there works. DH takes from 8.30pm to 12.30am and I take from 12.30am to 8.30pm the following day. She will stay in her cot from 12.30am to between 5-8am but refuses to be in there outside of those hours. I don't get to do anything - it's frustrating and depressing but I try to enjoy these times together.

    You don't know what I would do to be able to put her down at 5pm!!!!
    Lulu56 I feel for you, DS has had a few days where he just wants to be held all day and it was hard to get anything done. My DS is co-sleeping with us, he seemed to sleep longer when he was with us from the get go. It's nice to have him sleeping through the night but I find myself waking a lot to check on him. I hope your DD sleeps better soon. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    I do feel pretty lucky though DS really is a very good baby.


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