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    I feel a lot more comfortable with a compromise. So I mentioned to him today about the option of only going for 1 night. He wasn't too keen, said its too short. But ill work on this...

    Also just to explain if I do go into labour, they may end up sending me straight off for a csection because of a fibroid complication I've got. So he may not actually have time on his side!

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    Ok, So my hubby was on a work trip at 37.5 weeks. I wasn't too worried as i was getting induced at 38 weeks.
    But i went into labour while he was gone. He made it back (from Syd to Melb) about 20mins before our son was born by Emergency C-Section.
    he would have made it earlier but Qantas cancelled 2 flights and left him sitting on tarmac at Sydney for over an hour. He was beside himself.
    My Mum took me to hospital and my Ob is great as were the midwives so I felt totally supported, but i was so worried about him. He did make it back in time, but he missed the entire labour (lucky him!!).
    You have to make a call based on how comfortable you feel. We had never considered i would go into labour so early, nor how it would turn out. I am just so glad he made it for the birth. He would never have forgiven himself otherwise.


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