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    Default Nervous about impending 3rd c-section

    I'm due to have my 3rd c-section in roughly 7 and a half weeks time. The nerves have started kicking in during the past 1-2 weeks and lets just say i'm nothing short of terrified!
    My 1st was an emergency and my 2nd was an elective, the c-sections themselves went 100% fine, i've not had issues with anasthetic, scar tissue or bleeding.

    I know what to expect, I know the risks, I know what could happen and what would take place if certain things did. But i'm very anxious about it all, i'm assuming that's somewhat normal but I really am worried about how i'm going to feel on the day.

    I do suffer severe anxiety and panic attacks, the hospital has this on record, my husband knows what to do if I do have a panic attack but I really want the day to be special.

    I remember feeling nervouse prior to my 2nd c-section too, I think I remember telling my DH that I wanted to be knocked out so I didn't have to deal with birth at all, but on the day I was so calm it surprised me.

    Did anybody else feel this way? Is it quite normal to feel like this? Did you feel fine once the day arrived?

    Just some tips would be great, it's my last c-section, I think maybe i'm slightly worried about scar tissue or other problems arising because i've been lucky so far.

    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest...

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    I've had 4 c/s without any complications, and I've been nervous before every single one!! I think nerves are quite natural - I always stressed at the thought of having my spinal put in, but each time it was nowhere near as bad as my nerves had me think it was going to be!

    Just remember it's ok to be nervous, and hopefully you'll have a great birthing team around you who help take your mind off the nerves so that before you know it you're being stitched up & holding your new baby

    Good luck


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