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    We were not going to find out the sex but then a dr doing a scan blurted out he thought the baby was a girl. i told my mum this but also told her it could be wrong as it was only a quick scan done at 13-14 weeks so could be wrong. Well at our morph scan we found out that we are expecting another beautiful boy. when i rang mum to to see if dad had passed on the news her reaction was "what a shame". I told her off for that. she then went on to say she was getting use to the idea of a girl. My sister has 1boy and 4 girls and is expecting boy/girl twins in march so definately no shortness of girls in the family.
    us having another boy evens the boy/girl ratio to 5girls 4boys.
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    We had a DS first and then a DD, but we didn't find out with either of them so no one had anything to comment on before DD was born, and when she was here they were too busy commenting on her size etc to start with the pigeon pair stuff. I guess we got a few comments but not many.

    We went back for a #3 and got a DS, while pregnant with him I was happy either way and had no preference, DD wanted a sister so there was a little push in that direction, but we found out he was a boy and told everyone and they were over the moon happy for us.

    With #4 we found out he was a boy but we didn't tell anyone because everyone expected/hoped for us to have a girl and we didn't want the disappointment. We left the announcement until he was born, and everyone was a little subdued by the news that he was a boy, the excitement certainly wasn't there, but I expected that with being #4 as well so it didn't really phase me too much. I felt sad for him though.

    This time around however there was pressure on all sides as soon as we announced the pregnancy that it was a girl, or that it HAD to be a girl, or that there was no way it was a boy etc. I was getting pretty frustrated about it because although I had a gut feeling that it was a girl, I knew if it was a boy then everyone would lose interest pretty quickly, and the disappointment would be obvious and really upsetting. I think I would have gotten pretty angry too.

    Anyway, we've just found out its a girl, and have told everyone so they back off. Everyone is super dooper excited and the response we have received compared to the announcement of DS's birth is huge. DH's parents are the worst offenders, they showed little enthusiasm for DS but when DH told them the news of this little girl they went beserk, broke out the beers and started a party with their neighbours who were over at the time, they were so excited they hung up the phone on us and haven't called back. I am dreading them being here for when she is born, they favour our 1 girl over the 3 boys already so I think they're going to go overboard with presents/cuddles etc

    I am now waiting for the comments about us only going for a #5 to get a girl, and are we stopping now because it's a girl. Fact is we wanted another baby regardless of gender and this would have been the last one no matter what. People hear what they want to hear and judge no matter what you do.


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