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    Quote Originally Posted by Braxtonsmummy View Post
    Totally hijacking this thread lol! Sorry OP!
    How did all of your DH's get into the mines? We have been trying with no success for a few months now!
    My dh was in the drilling industry for many years prior to being a police officer for 12yrs. He was a drillers offsider to begin with then a trainee driller. He resigned from the police force and returned to the drilling game. Even having been out of the mining game for 12yrs he had no problems getting back into it, he just put his resume in to a few companies and didn't take long to get a job. He is now a driller. He has worked all over the place in WA and the NT with the same company up til recently. He has had alot of offsiders working on his crew with no experience and he has had some good ones and some not so good ones that he just can't work out how they got a job in the first place so it can't be too hard to get into as some companies are so busy and desperate they will give anyone a go. Dh worked offshore for a while too but now he's a superindedant of the drill and blast crew so more office based now.

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    My DH is FIFO on a 4:1 roster, in Tom Price, WA. Although because we are in Qld we only get 5 full days at home because of the travel back an forth Our DD was 18 months when he went away and she is now 3.5, I take her to the airport now that she is old enough to understand that he is coming back home but never used to, and she stays at my mums the night before he comes home coz his flights are so early so she wakes up to him at home. Its hard but you gotta do what you gotta do to get ahead in life, i appreciate him so much for doing it for us, it kills him being so far away and we are such a young family-he just turned 21. We have been trying for another baby for about 2 yrs but its so hard when hes only here 5 days a month lol but we will get there and then he is having a whole month off for birth. I found that i lost alot of frinds because i got sick of the "oh, he earns SOO much money though lucky thing" and i felt like slapping them and saying "at what cost? to miss his family, miss his daughter growing up? moneys is just money, we dont even have that much stuff because we made stupid decisions with it"

    Its a hard life, but we all gotta stick together

    As for getting in, well he works for his old mans company who applied to do a desalination plant in Karratha and then kept getting more work as they were so good and fast and now DH will be taking over the company so his father can retire, its definatly a case of right place, right time or who you know.


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