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    Default 2yo fighting to go to bed!

    My just 2 yo has for the last 1.5 weeks resisted going to bed. Has never had an issue before now. Now it takes up to an hour or chatter and occasional crying before she settles. Sometimes 1.5 hours! Has 1.5 hours sleep during dat
    is this an age thing? Any suggestions on how to deal with it? She's definitely tired by 7.30

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    Try doing a stamp chart rewarding the nights she goes to bed without tears. We had the same practically from the time she turned two. I don't discourage the chatter as this gives them a way of debriefing their day. I give her a couple of teddies to read to or chat to after bedtime routine. She gets stamps for going to bed without a fuss, tears or performance. After 5 stamps she gets a prize from the prize box. If five stamps are too many give prizes after fewer nights. Can she count to five, of yes five is fine. Hope this helps.

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