Hi there

We are in the Hills area (Castle Hill) and would love to meet up with other South African families in the area.

My husband and I emigrated 9 years ago (in June) and moved to the Hills area 2 years ago. We have children - 2 and 3 years old and no other family here.

It would be nice to catch up with people in the same boat as I find the Australians VERY friendly but they all seem to have their friends from School and Uni - it is very hard for an "oustider" to fit into an already established Australian group of friends .

I have met another South African couple through the kids creche and we get on so well because we are in the same boat so figured it would be nice to meet more like minded people.

(Just by the by - we are not "when we's" - When we lived in South Africa... - I am sure you know the kind We love South Africa because it is our country of birth, however decided to move for a safer life for the kids - so we don't want to get together and dis the country JUST make new friends!)

Look forward to hearing from you.