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    I think it's really important to take a lot of pride in yourself and your personality. I've seen so many women who have turned into total grouches after marriage and children that I would be highly offended if my hubby didn't tell me something bothered him about me.

    I usually go shopping with my hubby as he enjoys shopping and I hate it. He can spend hours going through clothing racks where as I skim the entire shop within 3 minutes and if I don't like it on the rack I won't try it on. My hubby can see what clothes will look like on and he's fantastic at choosing clothes that will show off my figure while also maintaining my 'style' in clothes. I think that probably comes from his love of fashion design and his dream to start his own brand one day.

    Either way, my entire wardrobe is full of clothes that are my style. Most of them have been carefully selected from my hubby. I choose what I wear around the house and out in public based on what he likes to see and what's comfortable for me so we never really have any issues. If we go out for any reason my hubby will always ask that I choose what shirt he wears and it works for us. I was blessed with a hubby who has immaculate taste in clothes and I doubt all the female population has been as lucky as me.

    When it comes to weight, I ask for my hubby to tell me if I start to lose my figure. Sure it's not something I want to hear, who wants to hear they're getting fat? BUT I must admit that when I did start getting a pudgy bum, he told me and I spent a week running around the block and it went back to normal. I would rather be told and have to work a little to get my figure back, than not be told at all and realise I'm fat and my hubby didn't tell me.

    My hubby told me my thighs were getting thicker during my first trimester of pregnancy, that was something I SERIOUSLY did not want to know. It wasn't his fault, I asked him to tell me if I started getting fatter because I don't want to wear clothes that don't flatter my figure now that I'm pregnant. I did make sure I told him that next time I'm pregnant, not to tell me my thighs are getting thicker until mid to late second trimester.

    Overall I think it's very important to have a relationship where you can be open and say what bothers you. If you know who it is you want to be as a person you should tell your partner this and ask him to let you know if you're slipping up. That's what I have done and it's really made our relationship a delight to be in.

    I want my hubby to feel excited to come home and walk in the door and he does. Sure I get mad when he stays out an hour longer than what he said he would and dinner is a little dry from sitting in the warmer but when I take into account all that my hubby does do for me, a few slips up here and there aren't worth me getting angry at him and him not wanting to come home to me. It's not hard to slap on a false smile when you're mad, greet him with a hug and kiss and ask him how is day has been... That bad mood of yours will vanish over the next hour if you maintain a positive attitude. Being grumpy is contagious, as soon as you're grumpy everyone else is and there's really no need.

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    Yes I would want to know.

    But I'd probably still be hurt he didn't find me attractive with my shaved head and tracksuit pants. After all I still see his sexiness under that beer belly & beard

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    Quote Originally Posted by MothersInstinct View Post
    I would want my partner to be completly honest about all aspects of our relationship, so if that means him telling me he doesn't like my new haircut or thinks I could shed a few kg's I would be fine with that, so long as it wasn't said in a nasty way. And vice versa.
    Same here. He's the same too, he'd want me to be honest with him about such things and I have been in the past, especially when it comes to hair cuts lol.

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    I don't want to hear all of the truth if it is bad. I am very critical of myself and if something is wrong with my body, trust me I have already beaten myself up about it and don't need him to mention it!

    I gained a lot of weight with DD1 and DD2 and I had almost lost all of it after DD2. He decided THEN was the time to tell me I had gotten too fat while I was pregnant and he was happy I was losing the weight. I ended up binge eating 3 days later, I was so ****ed off. Which just spiralled me off my diet and I gained all the weight back again because of other issues at the time as well. There were other things he said about my body in his week of "truth time" and how he felt while I was pregnant etc. BEFORE pregnancy... I thought I loved knowing the truth, but before that I was a confident person who just saw this baby making business as a blip in the road for my body not being 100%. 4 years later and my body letting me down physically not just aesthetically, and I have zero confidence in my body and I don't want him to mention a single thing about me or my body, especially when he has gained as much as I did in my pregnancies!!

    I also hate helpful comments like "don't worry about your stretchmarks, we can afford to have them all lasored off after we finish having kids and you go back to your normal weight".


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