I was advised before I went to Naturescape in Kings Park to bring a change of clothes and a towel, because it was inevitable that my girl would end up in the stream and/or pond. Did I bring any? Nope! I thought 'it's a quick visit to check it out, I'll just make sure she stays out of the water'. Yahuh:

But boy did we have fun! There are tall towers to climb, water to splash in, streams to wade along, a tunnel to run through under a rock hill to clamber onto:

There's also a ropes course:

and metal structures to build cubbie houses with branches:

The children's water play areas are all linked together so they wade into the shallow pond near the entrance walkway and can follow it all the way downstream to the larger pond around the corner. There are also clearly signposted large deep water ponds which are frog breeding grounds and not to be swum in on the other side of the site.

With a philosophy of getting back to nature there are minimal man-made structures across the site and plenty of logs and large rocks to sit on as well as a decking area by one of the ponds, and several outdoor classrooms with log seating. Although it's not a playground (it's billed as a 'bushland experience') there are plenty of places to play, explore, climb, splash, and get mucky.

Naturescape is closed on Mondays, and will be closed for the month of February as well. There are toilets on site, as well as drinking water fountains, but no cafe. Friendly staff are on hand by the entrance and they walk throughout the grounds as well to answer any questions you might have.

Go, get wet and muddy, splash and keep cool on a hot day and have a ball!

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