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    Default How did you overcome the fear of doing a wee/poo in the toilet??

    DD2 is sooooooo ready for TT. i gave it a shot last week for 4 full days (no nappy and always rushing her to the toilet every 30 mins or whenever she yelled out Wee wee!) but every time i put her on there she would scream and cry until she was off. before that, and still now, she loves sitting on the toilet pretending to do a wee/poo but never actually does anything. shes wee'd in the toilet 4 times last week but she was crying the whole time

    just wondering, what did you do, or what can i do to make her toilet fear go away? i've tried a potty, stickers, toys, bubbles, books etc but nothing seems to work. shes happy to sit on the toilet for ages but as soon as she comes off she'll mess the floor...... and if i dont take her off the toilet she will jump off!

    not only that, she wont wear a nappy now......... this morning she did a wee and poo in her cot cos she had taken off her nappy and was yelling wee-wee but i never made it on time. then she did a wee in her cot again tonight cos she again took her nappy off!

    she knows how to "hold" but wont wee on command on anything - which would make TT easier for me. (i did that with DD1 and it worked a breeze!)

    please help! i dont want to be cleaning up after her all the time when she takes her nappy off cos i have DD1 to look after as well and loads of errands but i'm willing to give her time to TT her. just have to get her over this hurdle and i have no idea what to do.....

    Please, any advice, ideas, suggestions, experiences would be greatly appreciated!!


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    *bump* My almost 3 year old DD does this too...

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    we had this issue for a while, and i dunno if it will only work after a certain age, but I got a big pressie (big in size, not price) and wrapped it, then put it up high on a shelf... and said they could have it after the first potty poo.

    After 18m of trying to get dd1 to poo on the potty, and a week with dd2, we finally had success. I had to wrap one more smaller pressie when something put dd2 off, but each time, we had success within 24 hours.

    Who said there's anything wrong with bribery and corruption lol ?!


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