Ok, so just thought i'd start a vent and let anyone else join in I feel like having a whine about every little niggling pain because I don't like telling DH any of these problems and it has been a really bad week.

I'm pregnant, I get bad ms and it just finished at 18/20 weeks. I have only thrown up twice this week, so to me that is morning sickness over! One positive I guess.

I am 21 weeks and my PSD is hurting if I do anything normal like try to shop or do housework. Today it is killing me, and I also woke up with bad sciatica which has been a problem from the start with this pregnancy and wasn't with the others. So my right leg hurts so bad to put weight on it, but I can't limp around on my left leg because of my PSD and not being able to put weight on one leg!

I get migraines where I can't see, I vomit and it kills to be in light. I had 2 last week.

I scratched my eyeball this week but I didn't know what was wrong, it was just killing me and I couldn't open it so I had to call DH to come home and take me to get it looked at. Antibiotics and lignocaine drops and it was ok but i was still annoyed that DH needed a day off for it because he was annoyed at me.

I have pilonidal sinus pain that started yesterday!! I have had two surgeries for this already, can't have one when pregnant but it keeps coming back!! It hurts sooo much to sit on my bum aghh.

I have a prolapsed bladder, bowel, cervix and uterus. The uterus has gone up while being pregnant but this week I started peeing myself because I guess the baby is heavier. JOY!

Anyway... I know I signed up for being pregnant a 3rd time, but I just feel like a little pity party this evening and a vent because the annoying health problems just keep on piling up aghh. At the moment it hurts to sit, hurts to stand and I have a bung eye. Grrrr.

Anyone else have a vent they would like to share about their health issues?