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    Default Help me publish a children's picture book with positive breastfeeding images

    Have you noticed how nearly all picture books contain only illustrations of babies being bottlefed? Whenever the storyline involves a baby being fed, out comes a bottle. My two year old loves books and reads a lot, but we've never once come across a book with images of breastfeeding, which I think she would enjoy. I am hoping to address this imbalance by self-publishing a series of books. I know there are only very few out there already.

    I can receive some funding for this if I show some letters of support from potential customers. Please help!! you can just copy and paste the template letter so it's really easy.

    The series will include a book describing the journey of a breastfeeding mother and child from infancy onwards, and a different book focusing more on helping an older toddler/child wean, offering a little gentle encouragement and reassurance for a child who is aged one, two, three, four. There will also be a story book that isn't focused on breastfeeding, but that features positive nursing images.

    I would be so happy if anyone could help me by sending me an email or private message of support containing your name and email address at the top. I will put the names of all the people who write to me in a raffle and send the winner the finished books for free.

    All you have to say is that you like the idea and you would be interested in buying one of the books. It is not in any way a commitment to actually buying the book, and I promise I won't ever send you any emails trying to sell you things.

    You could use this template;

    I (name) am an advocate of breastfeeding and I really like the idea of making a children's picture book containing positive images of breastfeeding. I would be interested in buying such a product online, as long as the illustrations and storyline were appealing to me and it was affordable.

    Thank you so very much : )


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    Subscribing to do later. Great idea

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    Have you tried blurb? Yoo can sell it there with no up front costs.

    You get the book finished use their book maker or even indesign to make it and you upload it. You can have it made into an ebook, which only cost $2 and you can add it to their shop so that you can sell the book. You put a price on it, they tell you how much it cost you and you get the difference, you can price it at any price you want.

    They take care of ordering and shipping. They also have new colour paperback options which are cheap.

    There is also a widget that you can use to show a sample and link to your book on facebook or blog etc.

    If you take advantage ot the almost free marketing, like a facebook page, twitter, blog, and the forums you should be able to get some sales for almost nothing. YOu could ask the ABA to include info about it in their newsletter and maybe release a oress release to get the media to pick up on it. I think it is even possible to sell the ebook on itunes.

    I suggest this to people all the time, i am a graphic designer and we own a small printing company and people ask us about self publishing, which is pricey.


    OOps the address is www.blurb.com
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