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OMG I wish I had a bed time routine for my 10 week old!

She kinda has a plan but honestly she drives us mad with her bed time shenanigans... If you asked I would say she goes to bed at 10pm, wakes for a feed at 5am, wakes for another feed at 9am, then has an hour nap every 2 hours, until 10pm again..... ofcourse that would be a big fat lie and what i would tell you is that she whinges every hour, wriggling so much she wakes herself up, and wont go to sleep unless I cuddle her close and stroke her hair. Pointing out, I don't think I've put Leila to bed the same way twice.

My two DD's were like this! Tough!

It wasn't till about 12-14 weeks that they started being more settled in the evening, and in general, and then I started moving their bedtime earlier until I finally got it back to 7pm. We have bath, feed bed for DD 10 months and bath, 2 books and bed for DD 3.5 years. It's works well for us