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    Default A few questions/Moral support!

    My beautiful DD is 18 months now, and has really started to hit the terrible 2's with sleeptime.

    Aside from yesterday, we had NO day sleeps all week. Yesterday she had 5 hours during the day (after needles the day before). She's also stretched out her bedtime until 8-10pm. She's in a toddler bed now and just gets out and screams and cries. And when you put her back down it's worse!

    She hasn't been eating since her needles, but this morning I persisted and kept putting her back in and, hey presto, she fell asleep!

    I'm now struggling again after a very tired and cranky baby asked for her milk, and showed me she was tired, but has spent the last 20 mins to half hour getting up, banging on the door and screaming blue murder...

    I just wanted written proof that I did it this morning really, and some moral support that this WILL end! On the up-side I've had my Anti-Depressants increased, so I'm not losing it anymore, and have a lot more patience to deal with it!!

    Also did anyone else's toddler go through a phase where they just wouldn't eat? DF and I both don't want to give-in to letting her eat whatever she wants (cheese sticks, or mini cheese rice wheels)... Do you just keep offering healthy foods (fruit, sanwiches, meat & veg etc) and if they don't eat it, take it away? She has LOTS of milk (goes through about 2L in 2 or 3 days) and drinks lots of water too...

    Thanks ladies!!

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    I get the whole not staying in bed thing....DS2 is 22months, and he's going through the same thing. Pretty sure he's getting ready to give up his day sleep, on days he doesn't have one he'll stuff around (coming out of his room continuously) until someone gives in. It's usually me, and i'll either end up laying in bed with him until he goes to sleep, or cuddling on the couch until he nods off.....not a good mix with terrible morning sickness! DP is away ATM but when he's home the plan is to persist putting DS2 back to bed and not giving in. Your DD will get there! it's pretty normal for them to go through this, i think at this age they are discovering their powers over us properly

    In regards to food, neither of my boys rejected it as a toddler (touch wood, one is still a toddler!) but my DS1 is doing it now at nearly 4. Whenever he refuses something i've made, he either goes without, or he has a piece of fruit instead. I sometimes cave and make him something else, it really depends on how much he's eaten over the course of the day. Our MCHN said the best way to gauge if they're eating enough is (other than their weight) to have a look at how much is eaten over a whole day rather than each meal. Some little people just don't need a lot over the course of the day. Maybe offer less milk (it's quite filling) and she might develop more of an appetite?


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