Hi All! I'm new, i've been reading your treads for a little while now(Thanks!).
I'm trying to plan ahead and have a few questions!
Q1 - PHI, who is best for extensive list of Drs?
It seems most PHI companies cover you at MOST hospitals. But i am wondering if this is the same for Doctors? I don't want to choose a fund and then find out down the track that they have a very limited list of Obstetricians etc to choose from!
Q2 - Peoplecare PHI, have you used them?
After shopping around i like the look of Peoplecare. They cover the Hospitals in my area, have a HIGH level of Hospital cover and a great price! They also cover bubs imediatly after birth (you just have to call within 30 days after birth). Was just wondering if anyone has used them and if they are happy?
Q3 - Cesarean Birth and PHI...
Do you know if elective Cesareans are covered by PHI and Medicare?
The infomration i have been able to revcieve from PHI companies and medicare is a bit wishy-washy! Has onyone had an elective c-section with PHI? I'd love to know what was covered, costs etc?