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    We used to do this, all the time. All the short trips to theshops add up.

    My advice would be to sit down once a fortnight, and meal plan. Also, set a budget for groceries you feel is realistic. Then shop forthose ingredients. We tried to make a rule where in a fortnight, we only top up on milk and fresh produce if we need it. We’d very often have a freezer of meat, pantry of food but my partner wanted to make lamb with a red wine reduction, which would require a trip to the shops for more ingredients. Do that a few times a fortnight and it adds up. We eat a lot of organic fruit and veg, free range meat (I’m vego) and good quality fish but I’ve managed to cut our bill way down with just planning. It can be time consuming but I buy my produce at the market, meat and eggs at the butcher/free range shop, staples at Aldi then I’ve only got a small amount to get at woollies/coles. Sometimes nothing. Once a fortnight I also do an afternoon of cooking such as spag bol sauce, vegie dahl, a vegie lasagne, some soup and it all goes in the freezer so on busy nights, we can just pull one out. I also bake snacks once a fortnight and freeze i.e.cookies, slice, muffins and because we have to be careful with additives, we don’t buy many things that come in a packet.

    I do a shop once every 2-3 months at costco (or you could atAldi) and spend about $500+ and buy stuff in bulk like washing powder, toiletpaper, household cleaning stuff, anything that can be frozen, etc.

    Planning can be a pain (though I now quite enjoy it) but it’s one way to save money.
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    Great advice on here. For the grocery shopping my biggest tip is to make sure you are always eating seasonally. I do it at farmers market, but it works just as well at a supermarket. You can get a heap of pears in season now so your kids can eat as many as they like for cheap. But if you try to buy a fruit out of season you will pay tons and it won't be good. Dint buy winter veg in summer and vice versa. Also, cook from scratch. Anything packaged up to be easy is expensive! I cook ahead so it's I'm the freezer in zip lock bags and is easy anyhow when I'm tired at the end of the day. Same with snacks. Freeze a heap in individual portions for lunchboxes so it's still easy in the morning. And buy in bulk!!! It's a huuuuge saving. Even if it's buying a bigger packet of biscuits and dividing it into snack packs rather than buying the little packs of biccies. Same with chips or sultanas etc. Use red lentils to bulk up food like bolognaise or taco mince etc in a cheap and healthy way. Meal plan but give yourself flexibility to swap which nights you'll have things over a fortnight so that you don't hate it. ..ha! Throw in cheap nights such as baked beans on toast or eggs as a meal so that you have a couple of money saving nights. Cook your own roasts or corned beef for sliced meat lunches. I have lots of ideas but will stop here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smallpotatoes View Post

    The one tip I've got is to make sure your insurance (car, PHI, contents/home) is the cheapest at renewal time. We saved a lot by shopping around.

    Also the switch wise website can help you compare electricity providers

    Also, I've made a list of every single bill we have and I worked out how much I would need to pay each week (including putting aside money for rego and car servicing). This goes into a separate account for bills and all my bills get direct debited from there or paid from that account. This account has none of those pesky account keeping fees.

    For me having separate bank accounts for separate purposes have been great.
    I've just done this. Great idea

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