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    Default For those whose partners work away

    Hi everyone

    My husband has been offered a great opportunity through his work but it means he will need to move 1.5hours away.

    We have worked it all out and can afford for him to rent and set up a second household and work is chipping in a small relocation package to help get things moving along.

    He will only be 1.5hours up the road (he in toowoomba, me in brisbane) and will drive home friday arvos and back monday mornings, and maybe once a month I will go to him for the weekend, but I know that I am going to miss him immensely

    I know some peoples partners work away for 2 or 3 weeks some times longer at a time and I shouldnt be whinging because he is only going to be gone 4 days and if I need him in a hurry it wont take him long to get home, but he is the only family I have (and FIL) and we havent been apart in the 5.5 years we have been together.

    What is the best way to deal with the distance and those lonely nights without him? How do you all do it for weeks at a time?
    Is it likely to put strain on our relationship?? we are pretty strong as a couple and compliment each other well (people always comment how connected and in tune we are )


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    My husband works in the mines and has a FIFO position so his work provides food and accommodation while there. At the moment he is on a 2 week on 2 week off roster but at some stages he has been away for up to 6 weeks. Most places he works are remote so I can't visit.

    It is hard to adjust to at first. I know for me nights and weekends were worse as I didn't have work to fill my time. You learn to keep yourself busy and plan things with friends, family etc.

    Regular phone calls, texts and even Skype calls if you can are a great way to stay in touch.

    I believe it has made our relationship stronger and we definitely appreciate each other and our time together more. When he is home we make sure to have at least one or two date nights too.

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    My hubby works away for weeks/months at a time so for me 4 days seems like nothing at all (but i appreciate it is a long time when you are not used to it). You will probably find it a bit of an adjustment at first but you will get used to it and develop your own routine without DH. Things that help me get through the time without hubby are planning things to look forward to (probably more useful for longer stretches apart though), taking up a hobby to occupy me on lonely nights (i like to sew and watch tv ), i don't focus on how long he is away for - i just go about things day by day. I find weekdays are okay but weekends alone suck big time so it good you have him for weekends.
    It has been fine for our relationship (8 years) - as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. We can appreciate each other more when we are together. I won't lie it is hard but you adapt. I have seen it destroy other peoples relationships but as you say you are very connected and have a strong relationship - those are the relationships that survive partners working away - you may even grow a bit stronger.
    Good luck

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