I love my Mum! She is lovely and caring and has sacrificed more than I can ever fully understand or appreciate for her children to grow up in a normal family. She has raised 5 kids, one of whom wasn't even hers but you would never know it. She has been through more than I can even begin to imagine, but she just keeps on keeping on. She is amazing.

I love my MIL because she is the most nurturing and accepting person I have ever known. When her youngest son told her he was moving to the other side of the globe to marry a girl she had never met before at a ceremony she wouldn't be able to attend, she said; "Baby, I'll always be sad that I can't see you every day, but this is not about me. This is about you, and it is what you need to do. All I could ever wish for you and your brother is that you would find somebody to love and who would love you, and you have - so I am happy."

When I finally met her 4 years into our relationship she gave me the world's biggest hug and said she couldn't have chosen a better DIL if she had handpicked me herself

She is beautiful, and exactly the kind of Nana I want my kids to have