Eugh I just wrote up a huge reply and then my internet disconnected without me realising and so when I went to post I lost it all - BOTHER.

So in short this time:

I'm on triple the dosage I was before I was pregnant (Lamictal) and my seizures have only been getting more frequent. In fact, as of tuesday, more severe too. I was resting on a bench down town and next thing I know I came to, slumped over with a lovely old man asking me if I was alright, looking very concerned. Stupid me didn't think to ask what happened because I knew straight away that it was a seizure and assured him I was fine just to get some space but I should have tried to get more details - just didnt even think of it!

Off to see Neuro on monday afternoon.

I have a question though - What have you all been told about the posibilities during labour and process of? Induction or c-section? Natural? I'm currently 22 weeks and it's only been the past 2 months that they've been getting worse, and happening 2 at a time, and now I seem to have had something more sever than just a partial complex seizure? I've never been slumped of felt so awful post-seizure before....

Any insight would be wonderful!

I hope you've all been seizure free - epilepsy sucks! xx