I couldn't find another thread around this topic so thought I would post a new one.

I wanted to create a thread where we who are so very blessed to already have children (weather assisted the first time or not) could drop in and have a chat/vent about heading down the IVF track to add to our families. This could be about dealing with people not understanding why we should have the option of IVF if we already have children or just dealing with all the moods that come with the IVF drugs while having little ones around and not understanding.

Our Story ~
We started trying for bubba #1 on our wedding night and were so so lucky to come back from our honeymoon PREGNANT! Perfect pregnancy followed and perfect birth but I never got regular periods back after I stopped BF when DS was 4 months old. A lot of dismissal by GPs, Gynos and FS (you've had a baby it will surely work itself out) and then 2 years later my FS tests for AMH and it is discovered I am 5.4 at 31 years old so still no periods despite being regular as clock work prior to having DS and we were put on the IVF rollarcoaster in September 2011. We got an amazing 19 eggs but only 1 to Blasto stage and got a period before our TWW was up....so back on the IVF train at the moment, here's hoping for second time lucky to give our darling little monkey the baby sibling he so desires...

Love to hear from anyone else, I know its a really hard time for anyone but when you've been given an insight into how awesome parenthood is only to have problems conceiving again it is just heart breaking

Take care