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    Default Nervous About Labouring

    This is all going to come out so disjointed, but I'll give it a go

    I'm freaking out a bit over going into labour. To the point where I get emotional reading about all the options out there.

    With my DS, it was kind of simple. He was diagnosed with IUGR so I was induced with syntocinon, tried to stick to gas for pain relief but after 5 hours of very little progress opted to go with an epidural. There was some stress, DS wasn't coping with the syntocinon so they'd drop the dose down and work their way back up, his heart rate was dropping with each contraction so they also had me on oxygen to keep on top of that (thankfully it worked). The only real problems *I* had was a high temperature/fever, and some pretty decent tearing once bubs was born. He was fine, apgar score of 10. Some minor complications in the days following but ultimately he was fine.

    Now, this time around things are looking normal, and I'm nervous about everything. With DS, I was like a passenger for the whole thing. I only really remember snippets. I was fine with that though, I was happy with how the midwives handled my labour (especially after realising that some would have been more likely to wheel me off for a CS). I liked how they broke my waters for me and that someone was there for the entire time; and even though I hadn't really made any decisions, I was happy with that (pretty sure the only thing I consciously chose was the epidural, the rest was recommended and I went with it).

    I'm afraid to have my waters break at home, or anywhere really. I'm afraid of having contractions outside of the hospital. I'm afraid of getting to the hospital too late to have an epidural. I want things to be as similar to my first birthing experience as possible because at least I'll have some expectations of what's coming. And while I'm afraid of all this, I'm also afraid that if I were to be induced again and I had the same problems as with my first birth, then I'd be carted away for a CS.

    I find myself (as horrible as this is, and I'm sorry if this offends anyone) wanting this baby to have something like IUGR, all because I'm so afraid of the unknown. Believe me, all I want is a healthy baby, and I don't really care how it happens. I'm just scared that if anything about this birth is different from the first then things just simply won't go right IYKWIM?

    Thank you for getting this far, I know that so many of you have been through so much worse, I just want to know I'm not alone in this. I want to know how to deal with these emotions cuz I just don't know who else to talk to.

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    Ive never given birth so I cant really give you any advice regarding it..but I just wanted to send you some Maybe you should try focusing on something else totally unrelated to labour for a little bit and maybe talk to your Dr/Ob/Midwife about your fears? Im sure they would be able to provide you with a bit of reassurance? I hope you feel better soon

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    Relax, you are probably overthinking it, and im sure the hormones dont help. I am sure that we are all worried about labour, so you are not alone.

    Have you tried discussing it with your doctor or midwife? They might be able to help you with a birth plan and discuss options that would help settle your mind a bit.

    You could also try antinatal classes if you havent already.

    Just remember that your body will know what to do and so will you.

    Generally you start contractions before your waters will break, so you should have time to get to the hospital with plenty of time. I know my hospital encourages women to stay home untill their waters break, with my first i had about 3 and 1/2 hours between starting contractions and my water beaking, but it is different for every one.

    hoe that helped.

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    In my own experience, coming into labour on your own is much more gentle than being induced. My waters broke with only one of mine...I was laughing & thought I'd wet myself but it just kept 'dribbling' so knew I hadn't. Popped a pad on and went into labour a few hours later

    The thing is you will be the one in control. If you come into labour on your own you can labour away at home, in comfortable surroundings. Shower away, move around freely etc. No need to be hooked up to ctg machine or have IV hormones running etc. Go to the hospital when you need pain relief, or if you experience bright red bleeding. Let them know if you think your waters have broken though. Have a talk to your midwife and I'm sure she will be able to ease your mind.

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