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    Default IS it time to give up the Woombie???

    I have a dilemma. DS 5.5 months has figured out he can roll in his Woombie!! Over the last few days when I have settled him down for his naps/bedtime I hear him wriggling and squirming and 9 times out of 10 he's on his stomach!!!! :| This isn't that big a deal, he can still push himself up and it doesnt restrict him in any way really as he is able to lift and turn his head etcetc however it's still worrying and downright inconvenient!! Tonight I settled him into bed only to find that he had rolled onto his tummy and gone to sleep... and yes I have him in a sleep positioner, seems he just rolls right over top of it? Is it time to give the Woombie up??? I'm kind of reluctant to as I don't think he'll settle well not wrapped and all that freedom to move. Any advice, ideas stories of your own muchly appreciated!


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    Hi there

    When my twins could roll I purchased a 50/50 Love me wrap, where you can take one arm out of the sleeping bag at a time. I was very nervous at first because they loved being swaddled, and I was worried that there arms would fly around & wake them up. But it was all fine.

    Good luck!


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