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    Default won't settle through the night

    I have 10 month old twin boys and in the last two months or so one in particular as started waking through the night and won't settle unless I put him in bed with me, which is a habit I don't want him getting used to but its the only way we all get sleep plus if I let him cry he wakes his brother, and then we start the whole process with him and they just cry and cry and get so worked up until we put them in our bed. I know they are both teething at the moment and are going though a separation thing, but just wanted to know if anyone could give me some help and advice on what I could do to get him to sleep all night again without waking. I can't remember the last time I didn't have to get up to him through the night! His brother is usually a pretty good sleeper, and might wake occassionally and won't settle but not every night. I have tried just letting him cry but he just gets more worked up, I've tried sitting in the room with him until he goes to sleep but after an hour or so it just starts again I've tried rocking patting and all of that but doesn't work!
    So if anyone can give me some ideas I might be able to try, especially people who have twins that went through something like this!! Please help!!!

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    Hi there!

    No advice, but I'm going through the exact thing with my 11 mth old boy/girl twins for about 2 months, especially DS. He used to be a very good sleeper (although neither have ever slept through), but since teething we have taken a huge step back...no longer self-settlels, re-settles, cat-napping during the day).

    I'm doing exactly what you are doing and co-sleeping, because I was so tired of getting up and down all night like a yo-yo. I have DD in a side-car cot and DS in bed with me from about 11pm, then both from about 430am. He still wakes (ALOT), but settles quickly, so we both get back to sleep pretty quickly. I used to be worried about them waking each other, but it is amazing what they can sleep through. So I'm less worried about that issue now....I think they just get used to one another. I'll deal with transitioning them back to their own cots down the track, as at the moment, we all just need sleep. I was also worried about getting them into "bad habits". All of my ideals of how things "should" be done just go out the window when you are sleep deprived and raising twins!

    Sorry I haven't been much help, but you are not alone, and I'm doing exactly what you are.

    Hang in there!

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    I'm so glad I'm not the only one and thank you so much for sharing with me what you are going through too. It makes you feel a little better knowing your not the only one going through it!

    I think I will just continue with the co sleeping aswell and who knows maybe once the teething stops they might just start sleeping through in their own beds again. I always say to myself before I go to bed 'no babies in my bed tonight, I'll sit up all night if I have too'. But when the time comes its just so much easier to put them in with me because then I know we will all get some sleep, and thats the most important thing.
    They were still having 3 day naps but are just transitioning to two naps but they have become shorter for some reason. I put that down to teething as well.

    Fingers crossed we will all get a good nights sleep soon.

    Good luck to you too :-)


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