We're all aware of the most obvious use for paint brushes. However, there are a few other fun uses for this creative little tool.

The first is to use it as part of massage. The brush gives a different feel and texture against your childs skin. Use it to 'paint' spots or stripes all over their body, while you sing or humm a little tune for them to relax to.

A fun use is a 'tickle brush' for your baby or toddler. Use it to lightly tickle along your little one's ears, chin, behind their knees or all the places you know will get a giggle. Then ask them to do the same to you!

For the budding home helpers, paintbrushes become perfect little feather dusters for little hands.

Send your toddler outdoors with the paintbrush and a bucket of water and watch them 'paint' everything in sight! From the house, to trees, to the cubby, to the pavers on the ground!

These ideas are helpful to improve your childs sense of touch as well as develop fine motor skills.

Remember if you'd like any specific ideas please contact me as I'd love to be of some assistance to you:)