There is so much fun to be had playing with our children. The laughter it creates is infectious and addicitive. So why not spend a few minutes every so often to introduce a new game to your little one.

Here are a few ideas for a range of ages. The games I have chosen to share have been, and still are, favourites in our household. If you need further instructions or advice on which game is appropriate for your child then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hide and Seek. To be played easily from as soon as your little one can crawl!

Under the tunnel. Children love to crawl, walk or duck under and through your legs. We play this game all over the house!

What's the Time Mr Wolf? As soon as your child can count your cn play this game. 'Mr Wolf' stands at the front and the rest of the players (you can really do it just with you to begin with) stand onthe opposite side of the room. You call out; 'What's the time Mr Wolf?'. Mr Wolf replies with a number and you take this number of steps, repeating this so you get closer and closer to Mr Wolf, until it's 'Dinner time!!' and Mr Wolf chases you back to the opposite side of the rrom and whoever he catches is Mr Wolf next.

Hot and Cold. You hide an agreed object and your child moves around the room or house getting either warmer the closer they get, or colder the further they move away.

Obstacle Course. Using tables, chairs, blankets and pillows, create a course which is appropriate for your child to complete. For example, for my two and a half year old I set up a course which has a maximum of five obstacles. The obstacles range from, crawling under the table, jumping on the door mat, commando crawling under a blanket, climbing over the ottoman (covered ofcourse) and throwing a couple of beanbags into a small bucket. However, do whatever is available in your house and be led by your child. If they love crawling, then create a 'wall of pillows and cushions' for them to crawl through and over.

Hope these ideas give you something new to play this week, or at least spark some fun memories from your childhood!

If you would like any more ideas please let me know. I'd love to share some more of our favourites!
Happy playing!!:hyper: