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    Default worried that co-sleeping is waking DD more?

    Hi there. I have recently taken to co-sleeping with my 11mth DS, who has taken to waking frequently during the night and is unable to re-settle (used to be a very good sleeper, until he got 4 teeth all at once). I found it easier to roll over and settle him, than be up and down like a yo-yo all night. But things are not getting any better, and he is still waking alot. He usually has a comfort suck, and back to sleep. If it is early in the night, I pat him back to sleep, but after the 10th time at 2am, I do what is quick and easy. I'm also conscience of him not waking his twin sister who is in the side car cot.

    I'm worried that by co-sleeping that he is waking more by the smell of my milk???? Am thinking about stopping BF if it means that we all get better sleep. What have your experiences been? Does co-sleeping & BF increase wakings?

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    Hi I have co slept with my DS since he was 3 months, he is now 15 months. I stopped BF at 11 months as I introduced the bottle to start weening him off. He took to the bottle really well and within a week didn't want boob any more. and he actually started waking up more because he wanted his bottle. I find that I do wake him up when I roll over and he will wake up a lot when he is teething. I wouldn't think ur DS wld be waking up because he can smell ur milk. I would BF as long as u can because I have found it really annoying having to make bottles all the time. Or maybe I'm just lazy lol

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    Hi Shirleysmum

    We've bed-shared w DD since birth (now 5mo). I've had the same thoughts as you lately, that bed-sharing was actually keeping her up more! Recently we've put a cot mattress beside our mattress. Close enough that I can still roll over and reach her for a feed, but she still gets her own space. She does seem to sleep better like this on some nights (other nights I've brought her back to me when I thought she was too cold etc).

    We only have one child, so can't offer suggestions with managing it with the 2nd.
    all the best.


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