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    Default poo and tummy troubles.

    Hi all. DS5 months has been having several really runny poos per day over the last few weeks. Prior to that his poops were dark green and thick, like paste. He did have a viral infection which according to the Dr was the cause of the diarrhea in the first place, but things havent gotten any better since. He'll have probably one dark green thick poo every second day and lots of yellow runny ones. He has also started making a weird grunting noise, long drawn out grunting like he has a pain in the tummy but doesnt cry when he does it. He has been a bit unsettled of late, and off his bottles a bit. Just wodnering if any of you have had the same thing. I plan on taking him to the Dr again ( i may as well just move in there) if things don't improve soon.


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    has he just started solids or still just bottles?
    when DD was 5 months we started solids and it took a wee while for her tummy to get used to it, i checked with MCHN and they said just keep going and she will get used to it soon enough, and that worked.

    other than that, maybe he is just taking a while to get over this bug he had? lots of tummy massage (gentle clockwise direction) might help with one drop of peppermint and chamomile oils in it. Will help soothe any pains.

    Maybe a trip back to the doctors just incase. I always went with the rule, if they seem fine despite the yucky nappies no big deal, but if they're unsettled and off their bottles/boob a bit then back to the doctors.


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