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    Default Your experience with a repeat c section?

    Hi Ladies

    I'm going to be 40 weeks tomorrow (single pregnancy no complications) The whole pregnancy i've been very determined to have a vbac and my doctor has been supportive of this. At my last appointment i was 39 weeks and 3 days and he offered to do an internal exam to see if my cervix was doing anything or to wait one more week and see if things progress on their own. Well i decided to wait as i wasn't quite 40 weeks and i've learned lately that some women go as long as 42 weeks. I have another appointment on thurs and my doctor says he wants to induce the labour if i havent gone into labour naturally. I've done alot of research and talking to different people who have experience with childbirth and now i'm discovering all this negative information regarding inducing the labour and the risks of a uterine rupture. I've been told the risk is about one in 200 or 250 births which to me is pretty damn high. I do have a small horizontal scar near my bikini line which has healed very well. I think i'm starting to get really scared and have talked myself into having another c section. I am freaked out and don't know if i want to take any unnecessary risks.One of my greatest fears is trying to birth naturally and having to be cut open anyway. I wish i could give birth naturally with no hesitation but i just cant. I would love to have some feedback from people who have had repeat c sections.

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    "Reluctant doctors like to believe that they haven't much influence over their patients, but that is clearly not the case. Several studies have found that when doctors genuinely encouraged women to have VBACs, most of them did, and when they said nothing or acted neutral, most women didn't. Finally, when obstetricians discouraged VBAC in women who wanted to try it, none of them did." Henci Goer, Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth

    "A study of interactions between women and obstetricians offers an explanation. It described three levels of increasing power imbalance: In the first, you fight and lose; in the second you don't fight because you know you can't win. However, in the highest level of power differential, your preferences are so manipulated that you act against your own interests, but you are content. Elective repeat cesarean exemplifies that highest level." Henci Goer, Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth


    I know you asked for replies about experiences re: repeat c/s but your desire to vbac reminded me of these quotes. Are you happy with this choice? If so I think that's fantastic, but if you have any doubt I would suggest doing some further reading and speaking to your care provider using Benefits Risks Alternatives Intuition Nothing (BRAIN). All the best what ever you decide

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    Hi insomniac,
    My experience on this topic is as follows: I had a c/s in dec 2006 due to a breech baby. Everything went fine, healed well. My second child was due July 2010. With such a long gap between births I decided a VBAC would be nice, I was well healed, baby was head down. My dr tried to advise a repeat c/s and explained the vbac risks however my own research and trust in my body lead me to insist on trialling labor. I went in to labor on my due date and laboured well for about 15 hours. Then everything stopped. I sat at 2cm dilated for half a day. Nothing. As the waters had broken time was of the essence. I was offered syntocinon to speed things up, with a warning it doubled the risk of uterine rupture. At that point I decided to opt for a repeat c/s. I desperately wanted a natural birth, but not to the detriment of my baby or myself. I struggled for weeks to accept my failure at natural birth, and wish I had booked a c/s from the beginning, to avoid that time I spent mourning my inability to birth my own baby. I am now pregnant with my third, due in august this year, and will be having a calm, safe, planned c/s.

    I hope this helps with your planning. Good luck.

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    Looking at my 2nd C section in 8 weeks so excited to meet my new small person DD was born my C section due to transverse position Advice i've been given is have 50% chance bub will not engage, if bub engages could VBAC but have a chance of emergancy C. So i took that in with some other factors & went mmmmmmmmm cut out step 2 & go direct to planned C.

    Wish i could tell you what recovery from 2nd C is like to answer your question properly. Congratulations on being so close to newmummyhood again & good luck with all the fun of a newborn.

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    Hi I attempted a vbac but the odd were against me do DD was delivered by planned csection.

    Recovery was better second time around as I recalled how to move and wash and toilet etc.... Was up sitting crossed leged in bed two days after.

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