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    Default Asleep on the carpet not in bed

    Okay so transitioning a 21 month old spirited toddler into a big girl bed. Not sure I have pushed her too soon but she was hating the cot. And in six months time we'll have a newborn.

    First night took half an hour but she woke in the night. Second night took ten minutes but she woke at 3:30 and I resettled her and she slept til morn. Third night took one hour to settle but slept 12 hours straight on her bed. Fourth night she is asleep in the doorway of her room.

    Will this get easier? Am I making progress? Should we carry her back to bed but risk waking her? She is feral if woken. Help!

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    Hi MummyLip. We're also transitioning our son to a bed (though until we can get it in a couple of weeks, he sleeps on a mattress on the floor). He's just coming up to 16 months old. When he fell out of his cot (can't believe I caught him ) we decided it was time to get him out of it.

    Anyway. It's been a bit over a week now since he's been sleeping on the mattress on the floor. The first couple of nights he'd roll off onto the floorboards and wake up crying. For a couple of nights after that we'd find him asleep on the floorboards. over the last few nights when he's rolled onto the floor, he's managed to get himself back on his mattress without any problems.

    Does your DD fall out of the bed? Maybe try having the mattress on the floor so the fall isn't so bad, or haev lots of cushions/padding around her bed to soften the fall.

    I can only speak with experience with my son, and have found that leaving him to it has had the best results. He quickly learned that he was more comfortable on the mattress than anywhere else.

    I'd say stick to the bed awhile longer, it's only early days, it will get easier Best of luck! And sorry for my long-winded reply... bad habit

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    DS has been in his toddler bed for a few months, and every now and then I find him asleep on the floor in front of his door! Not sure why. I always put him back to bed carefully and he doesn't normally wake up. If you think you can get her back to bed without waking her, I would.

    Just keep persevering. DS hasn't done it very often and it's been a couple of months since I've found him on the floor. It can take them a while to adapt, but she should get used to it

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    DS 1 needed a night light and bed rail to help the transition otherwise he falls out or gets upset when he wakes.

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    This is exactly what our DD did when we took the sides off her cot (Except she was 2). The first week or two she didnt realise she could get out of bed then when she discovered she could, we had quite a few nights where we'd have to go in and open the door slowly because we didnt know where we were going to find her asleep. Most nights she fell asleep directly behind the door, another nights she fell asleep on the bottom shelf of her book case and another night i totally freaked because i couldnt find her anywhere. Eventually i looked behind the curtains and there she was sound asleep squashed up between the blind and the wall. Each time, we just scooped her up off the floor and put her into bed.
    After a few weeks, she began to fall asleep in her bed. But now we are having the trouble of getting her to actually stay in her bed and go to sleep. She is very stubborn!
    Your DD is approaching an age where she is discovering her independence and will probably test your parenting skills and patience. IMO, just keep being consistent and calm with bed time.


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