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    Default Mater Mothers South Brisbane and prejudice?

    i will be delivering baby number 2, hopefully through VBAC, at Mater Mothers in South Brisbane around February..

    im hispanic and found i got a bit "left out" last time with midwives and nurses at the hospital my first time around, they werent nice at all, first nurse got angry at me because my waters broke and then they checked and she told me they hadnt broken at all, which made me feel like i was wasting her time.. but when i stood up my waters gushed out AGAIN and she kind of was buggered about it all, yet she was so much nicer and laughing and smiling with the other lady next door who was caucasian..

    at the time my contractions were the hardest some doctor came in, chuckled and said "aww poor thing" and made a stupid joke about how glad hes a male whilst im crying in pain!!! .. it really peeved me off, when it was decided i needed a cesarean the nurse plonked all this paperwork here, i tried to read it, she rolled her eyes and pretty much "summarised" what was on it so i could quickly just sign it and she could be off.. then at time of my cesarean i decided to get some sleep and one of the two male nurses said "boo" when my partner was cutting my DD cord and i woke up to them sniggering until one of them said "aww that wasnt nice" to the other.. the midwife nurse i had after the experience was worse, she kept getting angry at me as if i was a professional midwife that knew what to do.. i wont get into details with the other nurse i had but it was a very horrible experience for me.. i felt vulnerable and alone, and wanted to take my baby with me asap, although some nurses were very friendly and nice, the other ones never really changed their atitude towards me, as if they didnt like me from the start and didnt bother to change their minds about me..

    did anyone else find this kind of prejudice in the hospital?? perhaps i might be going a little overboard by saying racism, but i found that my caucasian friends had better experiences in the hospital than my asian, darker skinned friends and I.. perhaps i was just a nuisance and in peoples way although i dont think i was at all, i tried to be as nice to everyone and tried to hold my head up high but now im just scared it will be the same again this time around..

    im also sorry in advance if i start some kind of controversy here, but this was MY experience and this is the first time ive mentioned it since it happened. im also not the type of person to lash out at people, tell them off or swear, i usually keep things inside which i know is bad but i just try to deal with it, which is probably why its taken my almost 3 years to talk about this horrible birthing experience..

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    I'm sorry you had an experience like that can I ask if you have ever spoke to someone about it? A councillor I mean? Also, do you think it is a good idea to go back to the same place you were abused last time? Is there another birth option for you?


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