My daughter had suffered with constipation since she was just a few months old, more specifically very hard poo. We tried pretty much everything, all the diet changes, different formulas, prunes and apple for every meal, coloxyl and other chemist products, cod liver oil, coconut water, massage, and the list goes on.
We were already seeing a wonderful chiropractor but for some reason I had never thought to mention it to him. At about 10 months each bowel movement was excruciating, poor darling would be in agony and there was really no change no matter what we tried. When I told our chiropractor he took some extra time and worked (I think) on her head and her lower spine. It is always extremely gentle, she loves it and smiles and gurgles every time. Anyway, two days later, everything was completely perfect!! Soft poo every day without fail, no matter what she ate. After a few weeks I thought she was starting to have a bit of trouble so he tweaked her a bit, and back to perfect. I could cry, it is such a relief. I really hope some others find this story helpful. I'd highly recommend Terry Coulits at Sydney Spinal Care in Maroubra.