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    I dislike going to big shopping centres they sit at all our doors so they get you on the way in and on the way out... I told the guy I could not commit to a $30 a month donation he told me it is not that much and I am so lucky and should be SOOOO grateful. I had just gotten a house after being homeless for 6 months and REJECTED for help from every charity I went asking for help after 3 months of getting nowhere..charities I had donated $100's to when I was on good money and life was great.

    I told him off, that he did not know my life and I am always willing to donate as much as I can afford. That I would donate cash, he told me it was not good enough that one off donations mean nothing and go nowhere that I would feel better donating every month.

    I ignore them now, as EVERY one is direct debit and I dislike direct debits as my last direct debit I cancelled at the end of my commitment cost me $1000 as they forgot to actually cancel it but refused to refund me.

    Sorry to rant... just over these charities who expect you to just hand over your bank details then get huffy when you just want to give "one off"

    I would have taken it back off her rude lady!

    ETA...In regards to the commission and sales people, those marter prize homes, I use to always buy books(despite being a very unlucky person) but that was when they had the retirees and the people from local associations selling them, the young people they have selling them just annoy me they are so in your face and annoying! The older and special organizations who use to sell were awesome and friendly.. I dislike pushy people and have not bought a book in well a year i think.
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    This thread make me so sad, because so many people (including myself) are turned off donating to charities because of dishonest, annoying and intrusive sales people.

    Its a shame that there has to be so much greed when it comes to giving our money to a charity

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    Ugghh don't get me started about charities. I hate this trend of trying to force people into monthly direct debits and declining one off donations.

    I had one charity call me (I think Lifesaving??) and this woman pressured me over and over despite clearly telling her I couldn't afford it. After me saying no seriously half a dozen times she said oh we won't bill you for 2 weeks I can't believe you can afford $20? In the end I said fine just to get rid of her. When the invoice came in the mail, I chucked it. But one after the other came, like a bill I owed ummm hello, this isn't a debt I don't have to give anything! after chucking about 4 of them I get a call from them asking why I hadn't paid and I told him I was basically forced and wouldn't be donating now or ever again. After that the letters stopped

    See... told you not to get me started lol

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    Yeah that would annoy me let me tell you my charity worker vent and I'm not over it almost 4 years later lol

    So four years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and was receiving chemo. I forced to stop work and go on sick leave. We struggled financially. It wasn't like a maternity leave where we had prepared and saved and had baby bonus to help. It was out of left field we had no contingency plan if I happened to get cancer. We didn't qualify for sickness benefit from centerlink and I had exhausted my stored sick leave during the first month. Our outgoing expenses were higher than dh income. We were reliant on the leukemia foundation driving me to and from appointments for chemo and scans. The cancer council had paid some of my bills and had given me wolloworths vouchers to buy groceries. We were quickly reaching out credit card limit.

    Anyway a few weeks into chemo the colon cancer society rang me for a donation. I explained why I would love to help I was at that moment dealing with cancer myself and receiving treatment and was struggling so was getting help of both the cancer council and leukemia foundation. He kept pressuring me for a donation anyway and wouldnt have it saying stuff like it was the most preventable cancer and educating people was extremely important to save lives. I was like huh wtf thinking "I'm trying to save my own life here buddy I have stage four cancer and I can't afford to drive to chemo how can I afford to donate to your charity?" he was saying even $10 would help. He got so angry that I kept saying no. That conversation has made me turned me really ever donating to that charity...

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    Gosh! It's amazing that people have stories of their own about rude charity workers. That makes me feel so much better. With my charity worker, she actually was from Africa so I thought it was all above board. But in saying that, she did pressure me otherwise I would never have donated. She wouldn't take no for an answer and that's why I offered a donation.

    Little Pink Hen I cannot believe that horrible man! I would still be stewing over it as well!!!

    I just don't understand the logic behind some people's thinking. It's a shame!


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