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    Quote Originally Posted by Raising Leprechauns View Post
    Took the family photos at my SIL wedding without me in them. Despite insisting at MY wedding that said SIL and two BIL were in the wedding party.
    Wow... That is malicious! I would have photobombed

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    Hi omg what a nightmare!!! My MIL also left me out of not just one but ALL family photos, we were married and my husband once said to her" what about my wife " her reaction was to tell me to get over it, it's just a picture!! She even does this at my function!!

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    The first time I met her she took a photo of me and OH - a really nice photo, asked toe my friend on Facebook which I accepted thinking she was quite nice, only to find she had posted the photo of us and labelled it 'X and X's root'

    I reported the photo which was removed and deleted and blocked her.

    When Ds was born she invited herself to stay for two weeks the day I got out of hospital. I was a wreak after c-section and hadn't had a chance to put on makeup or shower and she started taking photos of me at my worst and breastfeeding, saying they were going on Facebook.

    I offered to take photos of her, Oh and Ds and 'ahem' just happened to delete the Photos of me.

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    My mil. i get along with her, but my god.

    When now DH and I started dating, we lived with her and her 3 young kids (who were 5, 7 and 9 at the time). She would go to work, but not come home for a week, sometimes 2. Couldnt get hold of her, didnt know where she was. Would get the odd text to say she was alive and would be home at such and such time, but never was.

    Once we got our own place, she would rock up at all hours unannounced, usually with complete strangers (the type of people you DONT want knowing where you live, let alone the contents of your house!!), walk straight in without knocking. Later down the track she (somehow) managed to get hold of a key and have one cut so she had a key to our house. Things started going missing (like medications and that sort of thing). She would let herself in when we werent home, help herself to whatever she felt like.

    DH and I had a nasty split. We were separated for almost 12 months before deciding to give it another try. Less then a month after getting back together, he was at work and I got a phone call saying mil's younger kids (aged 8, 10 and 12 by this stage) had been removed from her care by DoCS, and she had nominated us to be their carers. Uh, gee thanks. So THAT AFTERNOON, they were literally on our doorstep, we were being told they would be in our care for 2 WEEKS. Mil went AWOL again, and treated the whole thing like a massive holiday instead of doing what she was supposed to do to get the kids back. We had our own daughter who was 2 years old thrown in to the middle of all this, plus DH and I were still trying to sort ourselves out. The 2 weeks came and went, and the kids were still with us. DoCS said it was only for x amount of time. About 2 months later, they finally told us that the kids would be in our care for at LEAST another 18 MONTHS. We said no, as we (well, I, since I was the one who was looking after them as DH was always working) were struggling especially with the 8 year old as he had ADHD and many many behaviour issues. They (DoCS) promised we would recieve all this support and councelling and blah blah blah, and wouldnt listen to us when we said we just couldnt do it. We were living on DH's wage which was only a traineeship wage. They (DoCS) pushed the fact we would recieve x amount of money for the kids.. which i didnt care about, i was more concerned with my mental health but they didnt listen. Anywho, they were so pushy and promised so much I eventually agreed to it. We recieved NO SUPPORT. At all. We were literally on our own. For 2 YEARS.

    The time came for the kids go FINALLY go back. They had come so far. Everyone (small town- joy) had commented on how well they were behaved now and you would never know they were the same kids. Well. less then a month after going back to mil, all our hard work had gone out the window. It was the biggest kick in the guts. We made the decision to move away, to separate ourselves a bit from mil until she got her act together, because she relied on us way to much and thought we would bail her out whenever she f*cked up (which was constantly).

    Not even 3 months after leaving, we get a phone call saying the kids had yet again been removed from her care- and were being brought to us. We just couldnt do it this time but they wouldnt let up. Mil told DH he was abandoning his siblings when they needed him most- UMM HE HAD RAISED THEM MORE OF THEIR LIVES THEN YOU HAD!!

    Anywho, the younger 2 had been placed with a carer in another town and were thriving, but the oldest was being abused by the people she was with (we knew them) so we made the choice to have her move to us (if she agreed, which she did). We were told she would be moving on x date, so we had time to get a room sorted for her, and make sure she had everything she needed. We were getting married in November. The WEEK OF THE WEDDING we get a phone call one morning saying they are bringing her down THAT DAY. We had a massive argument with the DoCS worker because we just couldnt do it- we werent even going to be home! So they reluctantly organised another date (the original moving date). 3 DAYS after the wedding we got a phone call saying that sil was now being brought down the next day, and if we refused she would have to be placed into alternative care. She has been with us since then. Oh, and did I mention not only do we have our DD1, but also a DD2 and I was pregnant with our 3rd?! Again, we have recieved NO SUPPORT from DOCS.

    Mil has met a lovely man (thank god) who has actually got it through to her she needs to get her act together. He is very big on family and it has worn off on her. I have never seen her so settled, and she gets the kids back in august. the oldest will be staying with us (her, us and mil all came to the agreement).

    So yeah. Thats what my mil has done to us.


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