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    Default Does clexane increase risk of bleed in early pregnancy??

    Hi there,

    I have just found out I am four weeks pregnant with number 3
    I have a family history of DVTs (mother and brother), also my protein C levels are low, putting me at high risk too. With my last pregnancy I was on low dose asprin and had clexane injections for 6 weeks post birth.
    My husband and I had booked a little holiday overseas (only a 4 hr flight) for a few days (I will be approx 10 weeks at the time) and even if I wasn't pregnant I would still have a clexane injection as precaution. My ob is away until the end of the month and I have an appt as early as possible which will be 2 weeks before we go. I don't know if I will be told not to go?! I had a bleed at ten weeks with my first (not on clexane) I know we are only going for a few days, but I'm just worried that I will be at an increased risk of a bleed and at only 10 weeks?
    Does anyone have any advice, should I just cancel the trip? anyone taken clexane early and had a bleed??
    Will my ob tell me to cancel? I know two close family members having a DVT doesn;t look good!
    thanks in advance for any advice

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    Congrats on your pregnancy!

    I had a dvt two years ago and have two copies of the MTHFR gene. I take Clexane for international trips. I took 10 hour flights at 3.5, 6, 24 and 26 weeks pregnant. I took Clexane the first trimester and 4 weeks postpartum (so was taking over time of first trip anyway). My docs were happy with me flying first and second trimesters as long as I was on Clexane.

    It's not uncommon to take Clexane first trimester both for women with clotting disorders and occasionally women who have done IVF.

    There's also a thread 'TTC and pg with clotting disorders' in the TTC section - some of those ladies may be able to help you out as well.

    Good luck!
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    Anecdotally, I had a DVT post birth last time so this time around I've been on Clexane since about 10 weeks I think. First time around with no clexane I had unexplained bleeds at about 13 & 15 weeks, but this time around on daily clexane shots I've had no bleeding at all.

    As far as I know Clexane shouldn't cause a bleed in itself, but if you happen to have a bleed for some reason you may bleed a bit more than if you weren't on clexane.

    I wouldn't cancel the trip and I can't imagine your OB would tell you to either.

    Good luck.


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