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    $5 a week or around that.

    DD is 8 and gets $5 a week for keeping her room clean and an extra dollar for extra chores. Like dusting etc. but she gets $2 for vacuuming the lounge room. Slave labor much... Lol she does a good job tho!

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    We will be doing a dollar match to their age ie age 4 equals $4 age 7 equals $7 etc.

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    My teenager and my soon to be 12 yr old get pocket money for helping with tidying, folding washing, doing the dishwasher, washing the cars and so on and they can earn up to $20 a week if they really put some effort in.

    My four yr old and my five year old happily receive about $1/$2 a week - setting the table, watering the veggies and tidying their room ..... Probably qualifies for slave labour

    OP - you have given me something to think about ....I might be too mean, I'm going to think about changing it

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    Thanks for the responses everyone.

    He already helps with the dishwasher, putting washing on sometimes, tidying up, putting groceries away (he LOVES doing this for some reason!) etc. I'm going to get him to start making his bed soon, but I want to keep these as things he does because we all do chores rather than linking them to money. As he gets older I do plan to introduce other little jobs he can do or be in charge of that can increase the money he gets.

    If I wasn't expecting him to put some money away for long term savings and charity I'd probably do the dollar per year of age system. But I like the idea of this becoming habit. As he gets older I'd be more open to letting him decide how much goes to each. For the first year when the concept is fresh I like the idea of him getting to go to the bank with that money when it's all together and depositing it, feeling proud of the big amount he'd saved, talk about his future house/car etc that it might go towards and likewise go shopping for wishing tree gifts with his money from the charity section or help him choose a gift from oxfam to buy for someone overseas with it etc. To make it more concrete. At the moment money is a very big concept for his age so it doesn't make a lot of sense to him yet!

    Will keep giving it thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by CluckySC View Post
    DS1 will be four in March and I want to start introducing pocket money.

    It's important to DH and I that he learns good habits with money from the beginning so when we start the pocket money we're also giving him one of those money boxes that are divided into sections. The one I have in mind has sections for Living, Giving, Saving and Wealthing (living being for day to day, giving being for a charity, saving being for things they want to save for, wealthing being for their future).

    I was thinking of giving the pocket money in dollar coins to help him divide it, and suggest a dollar a week goes into giving, another into saving and another into wealthing. So whatever remains is what he'd be left with for day to day spending.

    What do you think is a fair amount? I was thinking maybe $6. DH thinks more, my mother thinks less.
    I have been thinking of starting this this year too, didn't know you vould get those money boxes but what a fantastic idea! I've been wondering how much pocket money to give and think I have settled for $6 per week now I've decided on the 4section money box. I love the charity concept, as it is when having a toy clean out I suggest we donate some to the children who aren't as lucky as he is, he feels really good about it.

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