haha jazzy baby!! reading your post made me laugh bc our DDs sound the same... so determined! Mine is not phased by anything. Since I posted this I have tried EVERYTHING, and decided as long as she is not coming out of her room I am not going to pressure her. She will sort out her own body clock.
we did the same with her door (as you did with the fan) and it worked two nights in a row. She hopped in bed and went to sleep when we opened it 5 minutes later... the following night she said to me "I'm outta my bed, your gonna shut the door mummy so I can have a bedroom party"...

So that won't work anymore... she just worked out it gives her more freedom! She still has her day sleep and needs it. As far as bed time, we can hear her playing in her room for anywhere from 30-an hour... and then she puts herself in bed and sleeps till 7am. Maybe it's just her special me time... sometimes we spy on her and it is so gorgeous watching her read books to her dolls!!

Thank you to everyone for your replies... great to hear it's not just our little one!!