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    Default Terrible pain near right ovary

    In the last couple of months I've been getting a fairly intense pain near my right ovary. The pain sometimes shoots through my side and to the back. It seems to appear at the time of my period. Pain is more intense then any period pain I've experienced before.

    Background: Took out implanom 8 months ago and having been trying for a baby ever since with no luck. Was due for my period a couple days ago but testing shows a negative result.

    I had the implanom for 3 years and within this time did not get a period. Since then, they have been standard (about 32 days) except 1 month when it was 2weeks late.

    Any ideas what these pains are about?

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    I would go to the doctor if I were you and get a scan done. Sometimes ovaries can produce cysts. They can be painful and can also rupture. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had a large cyst show up on my 12week scan. It had to be monitored throughout my pregnancy..I was also very sick during the time. By the time I had it removed it was 8cm or about the size of a tennis ball, very lucky it didn't burst. But it did cause me pain and fatigue and nausea.

    Get a scan done it will show if there is anything there.. Otherwise it could be ovulation pains which are really common :-)

    Either way.. It's most likely nothing too dramatic.. Trip to the doctors will be the only way to know.

    All the best



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