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    Default Trouble with almost 2 y.o. sleeping.

    My DS has started having trouble going to sleep. He is nearly 2 and we think he is teething also. When I put him to bed he takes at least an hour to go off to sleep. This is sometimes with protests, jumping up wanting hugs or just laying in his cot. I have to stay in with him until he goes to sleep (not a new thing) but he is really fighting it at the moment. I have tried a tight routine, Paracetamol, teething gel without much success. I have started to (very reluctantly) think that maybe he is getting too much sleep and needs to drop his day sleep but he is still getting very tired during the day and sleeps 1.5-2hrs.

    He has had a couple of upheavals in that his Granny is visiting us, and we have been interstate for xmas/new years.

    Does anyone have any ideas or tips that could help? Im getting very tired and frustrated with trying to get him to sleep. He isnt normally like this and does mostly sleep all night.


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    No advice, but we are in a similar situation. Last night was 3 hours.

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    It's a phase. it will pass...

    They always tend to do this at this age. (well all of mine have)... it's very tiring, but it sounds like you are doing the right things. I've always stayed with my children till they fell asleep if they need me to. Do you have music that you play? I always play the Putamayo Kids World Lullabies and Putamayo Kids Acoustic Lullabies or Putamayo Kids African Dreamland.. they've always been very effective in ushering in sleep.

    It will pass... but it's a long journey. I find once they get to about 4 they settle with their sleeping. Just enjoy the quiet times. I sit in their room.. (the 18 month old) and when he gets fussy I just say "lie down, go to sleep. Mummy's here." And lie him down again...

    If he gets up and starts crying or shaking the cot I let him do it for a little while, while I tell him that I'm here and it's bedtime. Then I say lie down and I lie him down. Go to sleep, Mummy's here. And I sit in the rocking chair where he can see me. I find if I close my eyes, he falls asleep faster... so I take the opportunity for a nap! lol.

    ETA: Once they are in a single bed, I have zero problem with lying with them or sitting with them until they fall asleep. O and J don't need it anymore, they are happy with a story, a chat and kiss and cuddle, a prayer and some music. Gabriel and Julian like me to still stay with them.. so we read a story and then I put the music on and sit with them or lie with Julian (bottom bunk) until they fall asleep. Some nights they are happy with me leaving and coming back to check on them in 2 or 3 mins, I'll say I want to go have a shower and I'll be back... and they're generally fast asleep by the time I get back.

    Lysander is going through a good stage right now, he's happy to just lie down and go to sleep without me being there, but we co-slept till he stopped night nursing by his own choice, and I'm just waiting for the phase you're talking about to kick in with him.
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    I am going through the same thing, I put together a backpack yesterday in it is toilet bag, sleeping bag, empty bottle, pj"s t bath towel her bed time doll nightlight and a book. She has her bath right before bed so last night I took her to her room, got her to get her bag we then had a bath cleaned teeth etc went and got milk from the fridge and set everything up in her room and read a story before lights out. It sort of worked. I am hoping it will get her excited to go to bed.
    A friend of mine did this and now all you have to say is bed and he is off to get his back pack!


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