Hi everyone,

I am a student at UTS and was wondering if anyone will be interested in helping me with answering a few questions? :/ I need your opinions for a report I am currently writing on special needs education. Its aim is to prove that the Snoezelen Room (multi-sensory room) will be of great benefits for a special needs child with their learning progress. If it won't be much of a bother, will you please help me answer some questions? Instead of going to every thread, I thought I would be able to get more replies with a new thread.


Q1. Do you feel that education for special needs is an important or unimportant social issue? Please explain.

Q2. What does special needs education mean to you?

Q3. Can you describe when you first became aware of children with special needs? What were your initial thoughts and feelings?

Q4. Do you think children can benefit in regular classroom regimes (“inclusion”) or do you feel it will be more beneficial if they study in special needs schools that have professional guidance?

Q5. If there were an opportunity to aid these children with difficulties, would you volunteer to take part in it? Why? How would you help them?

Q6. “The government should focus more on main****** education than special needs education”. How far do you agree with this statement? Please explain.

Q7. Are you satisfied with the amount of effort put in towards improving the learning environment for children with special needs? Why and why not?