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    Default 2nd opinion or not???

    Sooo DH has poor abnormal sperm morphology 91%........ FS said being an average on in the 90's that we have a 1% natural chance of conceiving & directed us to IVF as pretty much our only way :-(
    It's all just so confusing & stressful..
    We really liked him & he seemed really good & would luke to continue with him but then I have the moments where I doubt myself and him and think should we get a second opinion?! But then there goes another $180..... We have already spent so much - sometimes I just thing we should save our money and put it towards the ivf?! Then I think what if we don't have do do ivf?! But if the second opinion I'd that we do need ivf then would I be disappointed of wasting more money when we need every sent for the ivf?! Anyone else had similar results to us and been told that's your only option? :-( I'm so up & down today :-(
    I'm all over the place!

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    MARTTC - I understand a lot of what you're feeling right now. About 18 months ago my hubby went for a semen analysis and his numbers were also not that great. His sperm count was 10.7 million per ml (24.6 million in total), 75% of those were totally immotile (not moving at all) and the rest were only moving really slowly.....NONE of them were 'rapid' moving. And as if that wasn't bad enough, 92% were abnormally shaped. How's that for a defective product!

    The FS told us straight up that IVF was our best chance of conceiving, without having done ANY other tests. I was shocked, devastated and confused. I went home and cried for hours...it literally felt like someone had just died. I never wanted to conceive through IVF and even if I did, we could never afford it.

    So, we shelved TTCing for a while and I began researching and talking to other women in a similar position. Something about it all just didn't feel right. I knew it my gut that IVF was not our only option, nor was it something we should agree to so soon.

    I learnt that a HUGE percentage of men who get tested come back with abnormal or less-than-optimal results. Sperm health can be so easily affected by diet and lifestyle, and many men can totally improve their numbers after just 3 or 4 months of making simple changes. And even better news, men with abnormal sperm due to medical/genetic conditions are still able to get their wives pregnant - it only takes 1!!

    So, while I don't know your specific situation, I would strongly urge you to not take this lying down. Research, get a second opinion, put your husband on a really great cocktail of vitamins (zinc, vitamin e, vitamin c, menevit/sperm max are just a few good ones to start with) get him to reduce his alcohol intake, quit smoking, lose weight etc. Basically, anything that will help him get healthier and therefore increase his ability to produce strong and healthy sperm. Do that for at least 3 to 4 months and then get him tested again. See if the results have changed....if they have, well you might have just saved yourself a lot of money! If they haven't, then start looking at your options. Feel free to chat with me if you have any questions....coz I'm really passionate about this issue! Best of luck xx


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