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    Quote Originally Posted by starla View Post
    Oppssssss I meant the 16th January so sorry

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    Oh well I hope you get your BFP!!!

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    Hi ladies,
    DH and I are in a battle atm where I want more children and he does not, but we are not really preventing, so whatever will be, will be, but I am still breastfeeding our last bub who is 9.5 months old. Ive never fallen pregnant while bf so my chances are pretty slim, I was also diagnosed with pcos while ttc her, so who knows what my chances are!! Today I am cd23, so I'm uhmming and ahhing about whether to bother just yet, I mean it will either turn up in a week or it wont!! I used to be impatient and nervous-excited like you are ladies, Im handling waiting a little better this time, because our last bub was the first one that we had to ttc for 19 months. Our last 4 months I had to take Clomid. Prior to that, I had to chart my temps, because I was told everything else besides blood tests for ovulation would be useless. So, that is my piece of advice for you to keep you distracted as well- Get a Clomid chart or print out an ovulation chart off the internet. Use a normal temperature each morning, before you sit up, before you have had a pee, or a drink or anything, take your temperature ORALLY (thought I should add that lol) and put a dot on the corresponding temperature on the chart. When you get a spike of temp, then it suddenly drops the next day, that is the day you circle around your dot, to show ovulation. Then you do this each month, writing in where your period was by crossing under those days and where you dtd if you want to chart that too. The thing with OPK is that you generally dont know when youve ovulated until after its happened, so I didnt find them useful. Obviously, having an irregular cycle doesnt help, it really didnt help me! And yes, you will have to do this chart more than once, but at least if you do it and start seeing a pattern, or not seeing any changes, you will have at least some idea of whether you are ovulating or not. You can also take it with you to the Fertility Specialist as proof, if heaven forbid you get past 12 months ttc (for under 30's) or past 6 months ttc (for over 30's). Believe me, I know 2 or 3 or 6 months feels like forever, but its really not as bad as it is for some people, I know others you have been ttc for years with no luck, but luckily, this is less often.. You are young and healthy and fertile and stress will only hinder your chances, so as hard as it is, try to relax and feel calm and I hope you all get your BFP soon as possible! (And secretly, I hope I get one too!)

    Ps ALso consider getting DP sperm tested if you do go over a long period of time without a BFP as their health can change quite easily. My DH was normal, then when we got it tested (after he'd been taking a multi vitamin and Id put him on Menevit) it came back 98% abnormal and something where the number was way over what the quantity should have been, plus hardly any were mobile. Once he stopped taking as many supplements, a few month slater it came back as 85% abnormal, which gave us 15% to work with, but here we are with our bub! I hope this was kind of inspirational rather than just being a long rant that wasnt very useful ladies


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