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    Default best travel cot?

    I know this has prob been asked many times...but i cant seem to find earlier posts that address this specifically.

    Basically I have 3 kids. A 2.5 yo and 2 x 10 mo (twins). We want to go on our first family trip soon. So we need to get travel cots for the twins. As you can imagine - space and weight will be very important as we will need to carry TWO of everything. Plus we dont want something TOO expensive cos once again we need to get 2. Any recommendations? which one do you use and would you recommend it? What should i look out for? Which ones are good for taking with you on the plan?

    Thanks so much!

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    can you possibly hire travel cots at your holiday destination?
    thats what we've done in the past. if we're driving we take our own if we're flying we hire there.
    most hotels and motels and serviced apartments have them either free or for hire

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    I used a kinderkot with DS when we travelled OS at 12months but he was wrapped. There were issues at times of him getting out and I had to sit there sometimes until he was asleep. Not sure it would work for you with 2. On the upside we used it just before christmas when we went to a hotel with just a double bed. DS slept in his 'tent' at 3 and 3/4. A friend bought one and her children don't like it.
    The baby bjorn looks good but $$$ and not sure how it would go on a plane. Phil and teds might work as you can enter through the top or the side. I am not sure how sturdy they are though.

    OR you can hire at your destination. REason we bought one for OS is that many hotels charged $20night for a cot and it paid for itself. There are issues with it and I would make improvements - more velcro to stick down sleeping bag, protector for sleeping bag, 'sheet' for bottom so it isn't as slippery. There are similiar you can get - pea in a pod not sure what they are like

    If you are staying with friends or family I would buy the big bulky cots and leave them there if you plan on visiting again. You can buy the big ones for $80 or less sometimes.

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    I have owned 3 travel cots and honestly my fav was one I picked up at KMart for $70. It was nothing fancy just the cot on its own and in a travel bag. It was light weight and really easy to put up.

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    We were given the Aldi port-a-cot when DS was born (they are about $70 from memory) and to be honest I hated it. It was heavy, cumbersome to erect and collapse and trying to squeeze it back into the bag was always an energetic sweaty exercise. As soon as I got pregnant with #2 I decided that I was going to get a new one and we bought the love n care orbit on special at Toys R Us recently for $135. OMG I wish I had ditched my Aldi one years ago. It is light, erects and collapses like a dream and fits in the bag do easily. It also comes with a huge change table that sits into of the cot rather than in so can be used for older babies and toddlers. We've used it three times over summer and it's great.

    I haven't flown with it but a friend has one and she has flown several times and had no hassles with it, not does it or the bag look tattered from going through cargo.


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