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Not necessarily the same I know but similar, both my children had a fascination with belly buttons at that age, my dd in particular would want to look at all and sundries belly button and would offer up 'exchange views'.
Just curious I would suggest.
This was my DD1 too. My DD2 is nearly 2.5 and over the past few months she has been looking at my and DH's privates whilst we shower. I have a few nephews that my kids have had supervised baths with and having all girls, they are curious about the boy bits!

If there has been nothing else out of character I wouldn't worry about it either. If it still concerns you, maybe keep an extra eye on things over the next little while. Maybe even start with that no-one is allowed to touch your pen!s and you're not allowed to touch anyone else's spiel. I would try to not make a big issue out of it though with your son as that can create negativity towards it...