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    4yr ds

    cereals- weetabix, cheerios as treat
    carbs- bread white/wraps, lots sandwiches (vegemite, ham cheese and tomato, ham) pasta loves 2 min noodles (treat due to salt content) not much rice.
    Dairy- milk and cheese monster (hates yogurt and ice cream)
    Meat- eggs, beef, pork, ham (his fav), snags, chicken.
    Veg- carrots, peas, tree (broccoli) corn, mushroom, zucchini, capsicum, pumpkin, potato etc.. most veggies really
    Fruit- grapes, apples, banana's, oranges, nectarines etc
    Snacks other than fruit- homemade bickies, Muffins, cakes etc.. store brought chips, crackers, muffins etc..

    17 yr
    cereals- none
    bread- a small amount of white or multi grain/ wraps etc mainly only in take away form eg subway
    Carbs she will eat a small amount of pasta or rice if i serve it in a meal
    Dairy- small amount of milk in a coffee (maybe once a week) cheese only if I put in a meal, yogurt if it in the house.
    Meat- all meats and she a fair bit. She loves her meat....
    Veg- all veg except mushroom and onion. She mostly veg. She will make her self steamed veg for lunch if she home.
    Fruit- all fruit she eats at least 1 piece a day
    Snacks rarely chips or bickie ( maybe once a fortnight)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambino View Post
    Do you have much red meat, fish, white meat etc on say a weekly basis?

    Protein and carbs are great. You can serve the carbs in the morning and the protein for the rest of the day. The carbs give them the energy straight up, then the protein will help plateau the carbs to keep the stamina continuing through the day.
    Yes we eat chicken probably 3-4 times a week, red meat once a week. DS has fish about once a week but we (me and DH) eat it less often. There's always lots of veg at lunch and dinner time.

    Good advice re protein and carbs thanks.

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    Here is everything my 4.5 year old girl eats (not all in the same day - but she is extremely fussy so this is literally everything she will eat):

    Weetbix or porridge or mini wheats with full cream milk
    Wholemeal Rice crackers with peanut butter
    Whole meal sandwich with ham or honey or Vegemite
    Apples, pears, watermelon
    Crackers/heinz little kids tomato rice crackers, frugos (yoghurt covered fruit pieces), sesame bars, Vaalia squeeze yoghurts, Heinz little fingers strawberry bars
    Breaded chicken and rice or
    Avocado, ham and cheese sandwich (with hidden grated zucchini ) or
    Preservative free sausages and couscous
    Raw carrots
    Cooked sweet corn
    Sago with coconut milk

    I can break it down into typical day and amounts if you want.

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    My nearly 15 month old today's meals;

    Brekky; ( we alternate between 3, this one, veggie omelette or wholemeal toast and nut butters)

    Organic spelt puffs with 1/2 banana mixed with his goats milk formula

    Morning tea:
    He ate about half of a whole granny smith apple and approx 100ml strawberry goats yogurt

    Tuna and cheese melt on sourdough bread

    Afternoon tea :
    Approx 4 mini brown rice cakes with macadamia nut butter


    Homemade turkey meatballs and spagetti with tomato and basil sauce and Greek salad ( he loves olives and cucumber )

    He eats about 95% of what we do, I don't allow him processed meats, fast food or packet food, he has the odd bite of homemade muffins, cake or pav when we make them ! I don't eat red meat or poultry but do give him red meat once or twice a week and poultry once or twice a week plus fish at least 3 times a week
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    A pack of quick oats with milk with about 1 tsp honey drizzled in
    Glass Water

    Cheese Spread with Crackers (kinda like le snack really, but with just me putting some cheese spread in a bowl and serving with some crackers)

    Cherry Tomatoes (about 8)

    Beef 2 Min Noodles (not a common lunch food here - it's normally a sandwich and a piece of fruit)

    1/2 apple

    1 cube white chocolate

    2 slices of pizza (with mushrooms, bacon, olives and spinach on top)

    Oh - and lots more water. She doesn't really drink anything but water most days. (And most days dinner is some sort of meat with side veges or salad and maybe some bread).

    She's 6.5.
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    My kids eat a variety..depending on the day..and if I am busy or not.This is what I offer:
    Breakfast- cornflakes,vanailla youghurt,toast with vegemite/honey
    Lunch- sandwiches (usually chicken/turkey,avo mayo)my 3yo will add tomato and onion
    Dinner is usually what we have-pretty basic- spag bol,lasagne,chicken nuggets and veges,cabonara,chicken and vege,fish and veges,,,blah blah
    They wont eat salad!
    but snacks are:
    crackers and cheese
    muesli bars
    homemade muffins and piklets
    carrot sticks and hummus or cucumber
    canned corn
    boiled eggs
    most fruits(mainly grapes,apples,watermelon,pineapple,nectarines)
    and I wont deny it,my kids prob eat too much crap!
    my kids are 3 and 6 and for sure my 3yo will try anything once,whereas my eldest is a bloody fusspot!!!!

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    I have a 2, 4 and 6 year old. The 6 year old has dairy, egg and tree nut allergies (not almonds though). 4 year old has egg allergies. We are all intolerant to sulphites.
    Breakfast -
    Raw oats with pepita seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds mixed through with rice milk or my 2 year old sometimes has scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast (eggs made with rice milk, some cracked pepper and sometimes I crack some sea salt in it too. No butter ever)
    DD1 also has a soy yoghurt at breakfast.
    Morning tea - a piece of fruit and if still hungry corn thins with honey or organic peanut butter/almond spread or some flavoured rice cakes. My 2 year old has a soy yoghurt for morning tea.
    Lunch - Some kind of sandwich on wholemeal bread of a salad wrap using mountain bread. 3-4 times a week my 4 and 2 year old will have some cheese with lunch.
    Afternoon tea - a green smoothie and maybe another piece of fruit or raw vegetable if they're still hungry.
    Dinner - anything from a salad, to a vegetable pasta with wholemeal pasta, spag bol (wholemeal pasta again) using organic meat from a local farmer, brown fried rice (which is brown rice, tofu, sweet potato, caps, beans, broccoli, and onion so far from a typical brown rice) or some other vegetarian dish (including soups through winter). We only eat meat twice a week and try to incorporate raw veggies with almost every meal.

    For drinks they get water or a green smoothie. My 2 year old gets a cup of rice milk at breakfast.

    That's an average day for us. I bake savoury muffins, wholemeal banana pikelets, a couple of times a year they'll get something like jam drops and we have dairy,egg, nut free and full of sugar cakes for their birthdays. We also have a BBQ, chips and wholemeal breadroll's night about 5-6 times a year (never Macca's/KFC/Hungry Jacks etc.) but this year I am getting a thermomix and when I do my goal is to cut sugar out of our diet completely (bar birthdays) when we're at home.
    Lollies, chips, cordials, biscuits, soft drinks, store bought juices, chocolate aren't things that are in our house.
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    3.5year old DS

    For breakfast usually cereal. Sultana bran with full cream cow's milk and sometimes natural yoghurt.
    Toast - with butter, peanut butter, vegemite or jam.
    Porridge w/ honey and milk

    Snacks - cheese and crackers, fruit (kiwi fruit, berries are current favorites but will eat any fruit. In fact I often have to stop him from eating so much fruit as he gets a sore tummy), crispbread, cucumber sticks, pistachios, yoghurt, veggie chips, popcorn, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, biscuits occasionally, muffins if I have baked any

    Lunch - cheese, lettuce and cucumber sandwich (multigrain bread), salad wraps, crackers with cucumber and cheese, baked beans, 2 min noodles (no flavoring), fish fingers, toasted sandwiches, pickled onions, olives, Lebanese bread with balsamic vinegar

    Dinners - he is particularly fussy with dinner. He will eat chicken, tender lamb and beef, carrots, broccoli, stir fries, noodles, pasta (plain), cheese, wrap bread, peas, beans, corn, veggie soup, tacos or burritos, corned beef, chicken and corn soup, pizza on Lebanese bread
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