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    Default My baby boy needs some interaction with other toddlers!

    Hi All
    My 20 month old boy doesnt have a lot of interaction with other bubs- and we went away over christmas and he likes other kids but got a little "angry" with them and wasn't terribly good at sharing. He is looked after my my mother 5 days a week as my partner and I both work.. what should I do to give him some interaction? child care one day a week? Is there a kinder or something for bubs this young? LOL. I live in sth east Melbourne.. TIA

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    If you can afford daycare and your mother would not be offended if you put him in it would be an option for increased socialization. But daycare places can be hard to get.

    Does your mum take him out during the week? Could she take him to activities like playgroup (a friend's
    Mum used to take her children to a grandparents play group designed for grand parents who are caring for their grandchildren but it was in Sydney) story time at the local library, gymboroo or kids start type activities. Maybe you could research some options for her.

    Also are you able to take your LO to
    activities on a weekend like swimming classes or gymboroo etc?

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    Id definately look at getting him into care with other children. He is at that age where he will start to benefit from it. I know my DD certainly did.
    All toddlers arent particularly good at sharing so dont be too worried about that. Its a natural part of growing up. My DD is 2 and she is only just starting to understand what sharing is all about. Before that everything was 'mine, mine, mine' according to her. ...and it still is until an adult steps in!
    We send DD to family day care 2 days a week purely for socialisation and to have some away time from us parents. She has a great carer and 3 other little friends that she gets along well with. We are also doing swimming lessons and will be starting gymnastics this year because she is a ball of energy.
    Id definately start looking into care with other children around. Its so important for their learning and general growing up.


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