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    Hi starflame, just thought I would let you know my story. I went to the docs in November, it had only been 4 months of official trying but I had been off contraception for 7 months. I was just taking each bfn really hard & with a bit of a history of mild depression (anorexia & bulimia background) at the very least I felt for peace of mind I just needed to speak to a doctor. Of course I got in there & just burst into tears. I felt silly for seeing a doc when others have to try for so much longer then me etc but I couldn't help how upset it was making me feel.

    The doc was so good! After talking to me about ALOT of things regarding my cycle (things i didn't even realise related to it) she felt it was worth investigating if I have endometritis. So off I went to a gyno. The gyno was great, agreed I should be investigated for endometritis & ordered a pelvic ultrasound & booked hubby in for a sperm analysis just to rule him out. I needed to have the ultrasound at day 7 of my cycle so between Christmas & new year so DH was booked in for sperm test at the same time. In the mean time I had day 21 bloods done to check for ovulation by my doc during December.

    I told my gyno that I had been temping, using opks etc. She said opks aren't worth the money I spent on them. All she was interested in was some change in cervical mucus. She also said to not DTD more than every 2nd day and that every 3rd day would even be enough but keep it up for the whole month.

    Well I don't know if it was DTD less or that I was no longer stressing about what if something was wrong now that I had some tests booked in but I got a BFP this month. DH was relieved he didn't have to do a sperm test in the end! I am still shocked!

    What I'm trying to say is that if you aren't happy I would see a doc, the twelve months things is crap. You need to take care of you emotional health as well & docs have a duty of care to this. If it's upsetting you how can doing a few bloods & some other tests hurt for at least peace of mind. I would ask for a referral to a specialist. Better to know sooner than later & you never know it just might happen for you like it did for us :-)

    All the best starflame, I'm sure your bfp is just around the corner!!

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    Thanks for the replys ladies I looked for some Menevit for DP when I got my Elevit but our Woolworths doesnt sell them (and I couldnt be bothered driving to another place to get them haha)

    I was tested for PCOS about a year ago and I came back all clear. Im beginning to wonder if maybe I have it now? Is that possible? To be checked and have the all clear only to develop it later?

    In regards to the OPKs. Ive been feeling the last few days that they are a waste of my time. On CD16 I got a faint line on one..CD17 there was no line at all...CD18 a faint line again and yesterday again there was no line! Talk about frustrating!!!!! Im yet to test again today but I think that Im not going to bother with them next cycle. Its too confusing!

    DP will be booking himself a doctors appointment within the next few weeks to see the doctor about a couple of different things so Ill get him to query about getting a sperm analysis..cant hurt right!!
    Thanks again for the reply ladies! Much appreciated!


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