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    Default 2.5 year old and toilet training - HELP

    I have a 2.5 year old daughter who has shown interest in the potty for sometime. I am pregnant and due at the end of March so my husband and I decided to try and potty train.

    I bought her some big girls undies for Xmas and she was very excited to use them.

    We started on the 27th dec and we were all dealing well with the accidents that come with potty training and she was learning well. She gets a sticker and a lolly for poos in the potty and normally a smarty for the wees.

    This was working OK - I knew it was going to take time. I didn't want to start hassling her every 20 minutes "do you need to do a wee", so I tend to leave her to go independently - I ask her every hour or so.

    But over the last two days she will hold it for way too long and have an accident. When my husband or I prompt her to go do a wee wee she dawdles to the potty or says she is "doing something else". We tell her that she can come straight back to what she was doing after she goes to the potty but it is still an effort to get her to go.

    What are we doing wrong? I know it has only been 6 days but I am feeling really deflated. I don't want to put her back in nappies because I really think she is doing OK. I just need to get through to her to go quickly when she feels the urge so she doesn't have the accidents.


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    I too am training my 2.5yr old have for 6 days, she is pretty good with wee but no idea with poo. We initially were taking DD to toilet every half hour it has only really been today we haven't done that just regularly reminding her to go to the toilet. It took quite alot of negotiation to get her to the toilet but has been worth it. Sometimes rewards are not obvious the reward that has worked the best is DD being able to watch her older sisters ballet DVD - its driving us insane having to watch it all of the time but does get wee in the toilet. So anyway you need to find a method that feels right for you but taking to toilet regularly has worked (for wee) for us.

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    im in the middle of potty trainin my second child, both boys, and both have been difficult to train. what i have learnt is they will get it in the end, and just carry on as normal like nothing happens when she has an accident. My personal opinion is you cant really do anything to make them do it, they will just get it in their own time, obviously being postive, and reward charts are great, but apart from that, i would be totally relaxed about it, and it will come in the end, honestly, all kids pick it up at different paces, be patient and she will get there, hope that helps

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