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    Default Wertheim SE 9000 carpet washer

    I am so in love with my Wertheim carpet washer I just wanted to to do a review of it and share the info.
    I got it last year as my vax style carpet washer was not lifting enough dirt as it has no brushes and I was sick of hiring the machines from the shops which didnt always do the best job.
    The wertheim has cleaned my carpets of dirt and so much pet hair and it still amazes me everytime as to how much dirt builds up in the carpet plus it has lifted the pile so it looks almost new again and I can even see the little white dot pattern in the green carpet now which disappeared a few yrs ago.
    I traded my kirby in for it and the kirby never did such an amazing job plus its so much easier to use than the kirby and it has a seperate handheld washing brush to do small spots and the car which is on the machine so no inconvenience of having to attach it, i just turn a knob and it operates the hand held bit.
    I also love how quick the carpets dry and I can wash in the morn on a normal day and the carpets are dry to walk on by the afternoon/evening. When one of my kids vomited all over the floor on xmas eve last year it was no worrys ,out with the carpet cleaner and it was gone in minutes and completely dry by the time everyone arrived the next day, same for the bottle of milk the kids just spilt all over the carpet under our pool table this morn.
    Anyways thats my rave about my fav cleaning machine and if your intrested heres the link http://www.godfreys.com.au/wertheim-...rpet-shampooer

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    Amazing!! When I saw the $999 price tag I thought cr@p that's expensive!!! But when you really think about it, it's like $200+ to get your carpets cleaned and now you can get them done whenever you want! Might have to invest into one of them..thanks

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    I have purchased a second hand unit , can i ask you to please find a way to email or post a copy of the manual ans I am sure there is more to it than I have so far found out ..
    ? the small tank at the rear I take it it to add the cleaner solution < gee it empties rather fast
    ? is there a way to test the suction on these units, i placed my hand at the bottom and it was weak , but it did suck up the water out of the carpet.
    I dont know what to expect
    regards ruth


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