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    Hi Everyone

    Hope it is ok to join you wonderful ladies on the Feb forum (on the Jan one as well), but looking like i wont be starting my injections until late Jan, which would mean all going to plan a Feb transfer.

    Sending you all lots , and will be back on soon when i have more time.


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    Good afternoon all!

    Isn't our thread getting busy

    Lannie, hows the sniffing going? You started today right? On the road to a beautiful bouncy baby !! I'm sorry you had a hard time with your friends , I bet it is so hard for them as well..hard to think that but I'd imagine they are having a hard time working out whether to talk 'normally' or NOT talk about their babies or pregnancy (also very awkward ~ talk about elephant in the room) OR as one of my friends does, keeps saying how pregnancy does not agree with her! That one irritates me, being pregnant is great and we will all be there soon enough I LOVE that you are baby shopping already, it makes me feel ok looking at things too...although we already have a cot I really want a white one if we have a girl...not sure about how DH would feel about that though 'why do we need something that we already have' type conversation.

    Has your AF arrived yet Bear and Mum?

    Renvind! Good luck on your journey...this is a great supportive thread, you'll love it here

    Hi Tigerqueen! How was your scan today? All looking on track for Wednesday? Was the pain ok over the weekend?

    Lillystar. Welcome to the February thread, I'm so sorry to hear about your BFN in January. for the FET next month

    CG, I'm doing ok without the coffee since discovering Chai but I have to say I would find it hard to resist if everyone was drinking it around me after morning coffee run! Yeah to finally starting...there is SOOO much waiting during IVF isn't there! Have you done your first Gonal F today yet? I think it is wonderful how supportive your DP is, it's exactly what you need when you're on the IVF rollercoaster...

    Bronte! My fingers are crossed that this little emby is the one for you

    Jen! We will be pretty close together in our TWW, I was scheduled for Friday but been rescheduled for Wednesday...good luck with the scan on Wednesday, 10 seems like a really good number What does Luveris do?

    Alison! Good luck with your journey

    Wow, away for a few days and they thread go BUSY

    AFM ~ Had my second scan today and have gone from 24 follies on Friday to over 40 today!! Seriously what?! So FN rang this arvo and FS wants to reschedule my EPU to this Wednesday as I won't make it until Friday...which completey threw me, I was so relaxed and calm waiting for Friday to roll around and all of a sudden its all go go go. I just hope I've got a few mature eggs in there, the human body is a crazy place isn't it...so trigger is at 7pm tonight and EPU at 9am on Wednesday.

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    Hi Buttercup

    Good luck with your EPU on Wednesday (last week my EPU was supposed to be Wed but as I have come to realise, this journey is not as in my control as I would like).

    Luveris is an additional drug to help with your LH levels. Mine weren't high enough so I had to start them last Monday (so far have spent about $1500 on them - for 9 days worth). It is a drug which is covered in our fee schedule as not everyone needs it

    I originally started jabbing on 10th Jan at 112.5 and then last Wednesday it got upped to 150.

    I am really hoping that EPU will be on Friday because then I've got the weekend at home, but, because it is being done under a general I really don't fancy going to work the next day

    Good luck ladies


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    Buttercup 80, thanks for asking about my scan....I have 14 follicles, but none mature yet, so I have been pushed out to Friday.
    OMG 40 follicles is amazing. Are you bloated? Fingers crossed for you on WED!
    If you check out the January thread, u will see what I have been through today. All good now tho, and looking forward to Friday.

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    Well I've had my trigger! It's all happening...

    I'm sorry you've been pushed out to Friday Tigerqueen, you must be frustrated!! I'll have to drop by January after this. I definietly uncomfortable, baggy dresses are a must for me at the moment! Yeah, I'm excited that its about to happen but also nervous with so many...the FN has me drinking lots of water to flush my system out...

    Hey Jen, yeah..IVF is really a 'sit back and accept your body is not yours to control at the moment' isn't it. Sounds like you are on a very frustrating journey as well! That LH medicine is a killer!! Fingers crossed you get a Friday transfer like you want

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    Started cycle:

    Akakura - FET end Jan
    Alison 12 - Freshie - EPU late Jan
    Bear and Mum - Freshie - EPU 8 Feb / ET 10 Feb
    Bonbonn - FET Feb 18
    Bronte - FET 25 Jan
    Buttercup80 - Freshie - EPU 25th Jan
    Clementine Grace - Freshie - EPU Jan 30?
    Hope - FET mid Feb
    Intrigue - Freshie - EPU mid Feb
    Jeb8303 - Freshie - EPU 27th Jan
    Jaseandalyson - Freshie
    Lannie - Freshie - EPU Feb 20?
    Midnite01 - FET - beginning March
    Peejay - Freshie first timer
    Renvind - freshie first timer
    Tamandmark - FET mid Feb
    Tigerqueen - Freshie first timer - EPU end Jan
    Lillystar - FET Feb (8th Feb approx)

    Good luck to us all!!!



    Hanging out while on a break


    Hi all,
    Just thought I'd post an update with our new members! Welcome!!!

    Renvind - welcome! It is hard to believe it when you begin IVF. Never really something that we 'expect' to do, is it? I too, found pap smears incredibly painful, however havent found this process too bad. I think when you keep the outcome in focus, it's amazing the things that we can do!!! Fingers crossed for you. x

    Clementine - I'm on long down reg cycle.Syneral puts your body into a temporary menopausal state (yay!), to put the ovaries to sleep, before kicking them into action with Gonal-F. Usually on Synarel for about 16 days or so before injections start.

    Bronte - what a journey you've had!! I'm really hoping that this is the one for you. xx

    Jeb8303 - Welcome to the thread. All the best for your EPU.

    Alison12 - Welcome to you as well. Look forward to sharing this crazy time with you.

    Buttercup - thanks for your thoughts. Yes, it would be so hard for them to know what to do or say. Just awkward full stop really. Ah well, in a few months I'll be able to join in their confersations! I will not, however, ever complain about being pregnant (and I'll tell people to yell at me if I do). Like you, this drives me absolutely bonkers!!!! Oh, how I am looking forward to the day when I wake up and realise that I'm sick, tired, grumpy etc.. cos I'm actually pregnant!!
    I don't think it hurts to look at a cot. I figure that after all of this, we should allow ourselves a couple of extra luxuries (if we can stretch our $$ after the IVF).
    40 follies!! Wow!!!! That's wonderful. oooh, I'm getting really excited for you!!! All the best for your EPU. xxx

    AFM - Started sniffing today! Yay!! Feels great to have begun things again. Whilst last cycle I was dreading the day that I began the injections, this time I can't wait. Just want to do them now! Bring it on, and bring on a nice BFP for us all!!

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    Hi all..

    thought I'd try and give an update here..having problems with the January thread..my post is not appearing..

    anyway..AF started today.. I'm so happy! I am going for a blood test tomorrow morning and collecting my medications.. nurse told me that I start with Gonal F tomorrow night! just on the weekend I was watching some youtube videos on ladies doing their injections for the first time! I was freaking out! DH told me to stop watching it but i thought I'd learn something you know? and maybe I should do my own video! lol

    ok have a good night everyone..

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    Hi girls,

    hope you are all doing well.

    Bronte, good luck for your FET. Love the name Bronte, that's one of the baby names we have picked out

    Thanks Kate, I wasn't sure who some people are on it and other aren't. Hope AF turns up for you soon

    Hi Alison, hope your cycle goes well when you start.

    Buttercup, the morning coffee run can be tough! I sooo miss coffee, especially when I have 3 hour long teleconferences like today and its so hard to stay awake. Wow 40, fingers crossed for a great haul of eggs! Maybe you will get lots of frozen embies

    Jen that sucks you had to pay so much extra for the Luveis .Hope you get your pick up on friday so you can relax over the weekend.

    Tiger, hope your EPU goes well on friday and you get lots of good eggs.

    Lannie, its good to get started isn't it. Bring on your BFP

    Yay Peejay, now you can get started. Seriously, the gonal f is easy. I did my first one tonight and didn't even feel it at all. My clinic gave me a dvd to watch, its super easy to do. Good luck!

    AFM - I just did my first gonal f tonight, so glad to finally be doing something! Was easy, didn't even hurt it at all. Next thing is scan on thursday morning.

    Best of luck to everyone!
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    Hello fab Feb ladies

    Clementine - Congrats on your first (of many ) Gonal-f injections! They arent that bad and I was like you when I started: just glad to finally feel like i'm doing something to make this baby happen!

    Peejay27 – Hooray for AF starting today, hopefully she wont be back for a long time! Omg I cant believe ur were watching other girls injecting themselves!! Haha are u sadistic? The needle is soooo tiny you’ll b fine! Just listen to what Clementine said! Its easy

    Lannie - you get start something today too, sniff sniff! But bring on the needles! I haven't had to do the sniffing thing for my cycle and i think i prefer needles anyway, my little nose wouldnt like stuff stuck up it

    Buttercup - take care of yourself, with all those follies you might be at risk of OHSS. I'm sorry, not trying to scare you, I had 23 eggs collected my last cycle and got a mild dose of OHSS, which was fine but i was just super uncomfortable and looked 4 months preggers for a few days. keep you fluids up and for a good EPU on Wed, im sure the FNs and FS will look after you

    Welcome to all the new girls, looks like we got a few jumping over from Jan! Looks like I started something

    AFM - I had a scan last Friday, all going well, got one nice 14mm follie on my left ovary. FS is predicting ovulation tomorrow or wed, the opk tests have all been negative so far but i expect a positive tomorrow as i've got some EWCM and that usually happens 2 days before O (amazing how much i have learnt about my body's cycle). Uterine lining was 6mm, so that should hopefully thicken up by ET, which looks like it will be Friday! I told my FS i was concerned that my luteal phase was short (average 10 days) so he is giving me luteal phase support. YAY! this little embie will go the distance!

    Is anyone else excited about possibly having a Dragon baby?
    Happy Chinese New Year!
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    Hi ladies, I thought I would say hello so you know I'm still here lol

    I hope everyone is where they should be in their cycle, it sounds like we are!

    February is going to be the month!

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